Al-Aqsa mosque
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Al-Aqsa in danger – now animated
(Video) New video by Hamas TV accuses Haredi Jews of digging under Temple Mount as ‘Muslim world sleeps’

VIDEO - Religious Jews are digging under the Temple Mount, encouraged by the IDF, alleged Hamas’ Al-Aqsa television station Tuesday night, in a preview of a new animated incitement film about the al-Aqsa mosque or Temple Mount.


The film, provided to Ynet via the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization, shows the characters of a smoking Israeli soldier and Haredi Jews, dressed ridiculously, all digging beneath the Temple Mount.


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Video courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch  


The film is the latest in a series of propaganda films, clips and news articles launched by Hamas and other Arab groups regarding the alleged threat to the Temple Mount caused by Israel.


According to PMW, the film’s message is clear: “Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa mosque are in immediate danger from Israel, a message that could create an atmosphere that encourages extreme steps (by Palestinians).”


The media watch group reported that other Palestinian media, including Fatah-affiliated sources, also deal heavily with this supposed threat to the Temple Mount and accuse Israel not only of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘Jewification’ of the area, but also of releasing rats deliberately and dealing drugs in the vicinity of Arab residents living near the mosque.


“In order to relay these claims the Palestinian Authority uses fear rhetoric, invents sordid plots and even incorporates Muslim sermons” into its propaganda, said PMW.


A report issued by the group noted that one PA report accuses Israel of “building a Jewish city underground” and “intending to place a bridge for hundreds of soldiers, police men and vehicles, in order to facilitate a planned break-in to the al-Aqsa mosque.”


Such claims have been made by Palestinian groups many times in the past, but have made a renewed appearance in recent months.


One Fatah-affiliated station, al-Hayat al-Jadida, reported Monday that Israel was bringing missiles into the “Old City of occupied Jerusalem in order to bombard the al-Aqsa mosque with missiles.”


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