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    ILA mulls mitigations for solar energy projects
    Israel Land Administration aims to facilitate 57 new solar energy projects by offering zoning mitigations

    The Israel Land Administration will install a series of zoning mitigations meant to facilitate existing solar energy projects, an ILA statement said.


    Some of the proposed mitigations include allowing agricultural communities to sublet up to 62 acres of land for solar energy projects, with ILA fees incorporated into the lands capitalization fees.


    ILA Director Benzi Lieberman said that the new mitigations will allow for more entrepreneurs to enter the field and will assist in promoting the field of renewable energy in Israel.


    Initially, the mitigations will be applied to existing ventures, which have been set up on agricultural land.


    "Several petitions to that effect have been filed with the ILA and after reviewing them and consulting with the proper professional bodies, we have decided to allow entrepreneurs that have already established solar energy project, enjoy venture-boosting mitigations, which will promote the renewable energy field in Israel," Lieberman said.


    The Israel Land Administration is also reviewing new guidelines in the field, he added.




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    Photo: Yossi Dos-Santos