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    Israeli companies to clean Ganges
    Indian engineers, researchers seek Israeli water technologies for river's rejuvenation; deal estimated at $3 billion
    India is considering the possibility of integrating Israeli technologies in a national initiative to clean the Ganges River. For this purpose, engineers, researchers and representatives form water technology companies will visit Israel next week.


    Over the past two months, the Indian government has been promoting a large scale endeavor to clean the Ganges River, which is considered holy in Hinduism.


    Due to the river's importance as a fresh water source for as well as a ritual site, and considering that the river has become a source of infection and disease, the Indian government treats this initiative very seriously.


    Recently, the Indian government decided to invite leading Israeli water technology companies to take part in the efforts to clean the river.


    For this purpose, representatives of Indian research institutes, water technology companies and other relevant agencies will come to Israel to learn about the Israeli water and sewage purification technologies, and to examine ways to integrate them in the project.


    The delegation will include representatives from the India Institute of Technology (IIT), an organization appointed by Indian government to advise and to formulate recommendations for the government regarding the technological solutions to be adopted for the cleaning endeavors.


    The delegation will meet with several Israeli companies dealing with sewage purification, solid waste treatment, desalination and management of water resources, and visit their facilities. In addition, the delegation will meet with representatives of relevant government authorities such as the Israeli Water Authority.


    The head of foreign trade authority in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Boaz Hirsch said that the commercial ties between Israel and India are growing tighter as India is becoming a primary actor in the world economy.


    Oded Distal, Manager of the unit to promote investments in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor responded: "Israel is considered a world leader in water technologies, and is well prepared to offer various solutions to the Indian government in this matter."


    According to Ministry's data, In 2011 India was the 13th most important trade partner of Israel, and fourth in Asia. Israeli import from India totaled in $798 millions compared to $714 millions in the previous year, focusing primarily on chemicals, vehicle parts and rubber and plastic products.


    The Indian delegation is organized by the Foreign Trade Administration, the Israel NewTech Program and the Israeli Export and International Cooperation institute.



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    Ritual bathing in India's Ganges River
    Photo: AP