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    Soldiers complain of rabies scare on southern border
    Troops deployed along central sector of Israel-Egypt border say rabid dogs are roaming the area; carcasses pose health hazard. IDF says matter being dealt 'with due haste'

    A rabies scare is threatening IDF soldiers deployed in one of the sectors of the Israel- Egypt border, Ynet learned Sunday.


    According to the soldiers, who serve in the Mt. Charif sector – the central area of the border – dozens of rabid dogs have been spotted in the area, but the matter has not been addressed despite their complaints to their superiors both in the battalion and the spatial brigade.


    Military medical official expressed growing concern over the situation, especially after the carcasses of two allegedly diseased dogs were found in the sector in the last 24 hours.


    The soldier claim they had to "practically beg" for the remains to be cleared.


    One of the dogs eventually removed by an enlisted medic and was transferred for a necropsy at a southern veterinarian center, to determine whether it was infected with rabies.


    "The second carcass is still here – within the base's limits and we've been trying to get someone to clear it" one soldier told Ynet.


    "We don't know how to properly dispose of rabid dogs. This is extremely irresponsible. We can't get (the commanders) to have veterinary services come here, or at least some other qualified professional to handle it," another soldier said.


    The commanding officers, he added, "Are counting on the fact that there are medic on the base and they have a great sense of responsibility."


    The soldiers added that the stray dogs are running free between IDF posts in the area. "We don't know if they are coming from the Bedouins in Sinai or one of the Negev communities."


    An IDF Spokesperson’s Unit statement said that, "There is a widespread phenomenon of stray dogs in the Negev and the problem affects IDF bases as it does the local communities.


    "One of the side effects of this situation is canine remains. The IDF is doing everything within its power to deal with this health hazard with due haste."



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