Footage taken in Hebron
Photo: B'Tselem
Video: Border Guard officer kicks Palestinian boy
Footage captured by B'Tselem shows two Border Guard officers assaulting boy in Hebron. Child's father: He didn't provoke them

Two Border Guard officers stationed in Hebron were caught on tape assaulting a Palestinian child. The footage, which was filmed by the B'Tselem organization, shows one of the officers hiding at an entrance to an alleyway. At one point, the child is seen leaving the alley, when the officer approaches him and asks: "Why are you causing a ruckus?"


Video: B'Tselm    (צילום: "בצלם")


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The footage, which was taken last Friday, does not give a clear answer as to why the officer waited for the child and what he did prior to stepping into the frame. In the footage, the boy is heard crying and calling his mother, at which point another officer enters the frame, approaches the child and kicks him. The boy is then seen running away.


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Amar Burkan, the boy's father, claimed in a phone conversation with Ynet that his son did not provoke the officers and did not hurl stones or curse at them.


The father further claimed that the Palestinians are not allowed to pass through the alleyway where the incident took place during certain times such as on Jewish holidays, or when Jewish residents cross there. He estimated that the officers may have apprehended his son for that reason.


B'Tselem issued a statement saying that they intend to file a complaint with the Justice Ministry's unit for Internal Police Investigations against the two officers.


A spokesperson for the Border Guard stated that they view the matter "with utmost gravity and denounce behavior that is contrary to the unit's values.


"This incident is unusual and does not represent the valuable work that the Border Guard officers do for the security of the state. The Border Guard commander has instructed to appoint a taskforce to investigate the incident, and its conclusions will be published in the coming days."





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