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    Northern Ireland takes on toxic waste
    Belfast launches campaign meant to tackle illegal dumping of hazardous materials

    The Northern Ireland Environment Agency has joined forces with Belfast's law enforcement agencies in a campaign that aims to put a stop to the illegal dumping of toxic waste.


    According to the Belfast Telegraph, the IEA said that "The "disposing of fuel laundering waste is a significant drain on resources."


    Environment Minister Alex Attwood said that, "The dumping of fuel laundering waste, a toxic mix of highly polluting chemicals, is a crime that affects us all.


    "Not only does it damage and pollute the environment but disposing of the waste is a significant drain on our resources, diverting money from other services such as roads, hospitals and schools," he told the newspaper.


    "Reckless criminals are polluting our land, our air, our water and our wildlife, as well as risking our health."


    The key to stopping such incidents was by "obtaining information on the people who do it," he added, explaining the decision to include the county's Crimestoppers in the campaign.


    "Crimestoppers offers a completely safe, confidential and untraceable means for people to report crime," he said. "We owe it to future generations to do something."




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