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    H&M launches clothes recycling venture
    Local franchise of Swedish retail giant to offer customers opportunity to recycle old clothes

    Swedish retail giant H&M announced recently that as part of its social and environmental responsibility practices, it will offer customers a chance to recycle their old clothes.


    The Israeli franchise is included in the venture, which will span 48 nations worldwide.


    H&M said that starting February 2013, customers will be able to leave old clothes for recycling in choice stores in every country, and receive H&M vouchers for them.


    The company is likely to choose two of its primary locations in Israel to lead the pilot program.


    In Israel, customers will receive an NIS 20 (roughly $5) voucher for each bag of clothes offered for recycling. The company has not placed any limitations on the size of the bags, adding that it will accept garments by any manufacturer and in any condition.


    The only limitation is a two-bag deposit per customer, per day.


    Clothes collected through the venture will be handed over to I:Collect, which has partnered with H&M and will handle the recycling process.


    Garments collected will be divided into four groups: Clothes in good condition would be handed over to thrift shops; worn garments will be recycled into towels or napkins; clothes in poor condition will be reclaimed for the textile industry; and if none of these options apply, the organic fabrics would be recycled via biogas ventures.


    H&M said that any revenues derived from the venture by the company will be donated to a local charity.


    The venture makes H&M the first chain to execute a global textile recycling venture. Textile makes up a considerable percentage of domestic waste and according to the company 95% of the garments discarded can be recycled.




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