Photo: Roee Idan
Anemone Hill, Saturday
Photo: Roee Idan
Hikers pay respects at Sharon's grave
Israeli families visit former prime minister Ariel Sharon's burial site in Negev to bid farewell to 'adored, beloved leader'

Dozens arrived on Saturday at the Anemone Hill, where former prime minister Ariel Sharon is buried, to pay their respects to the late leader.



"It was clear to us that we had an obligation to visit his grave," one of the visitors said


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Since Sharon was laid to rest, the Anemone Hill has drawn many Israelis who were unable to attend the funeral.


On Saturday, under agreeable weather, families traveled to the north-western Negev burial site. "We wanted to do some hiking and also say our goodbyes to Sharon," Leah Baruch said.


Visitors near Sharon's grave (Photo: Roee Idan)


"Sharon was an adored and loved leader – a man of the land, a farmer, a statesman… a man of values."


Moshe Zehavi, who fought alongside Sharon in the yom Kippur War said he felt obligated to bid farewell to his beloved leader: "I think Sharon had a big part in saving the State of Israel, which they wanted to destroy in the Yom Kippur War ," he said.


Photo: Roee Idan


Photo: Roee Idan

Photo: Roee Idan

Photo: Roee Idan


"He won the war; he's the reason we're here," Zehavi added. "I got up this morning, and I saw this beautiful warm sun and I said to myself it was time to visit the grave. It’s sad that he's gone.


"I'm excited to be here today, on the hill looking out at his ranch, and realize why Sharon loved this place so much."


According to the Lakhish Region police and the Border Guard are expecting tens of thousands more visitors to the gravesite over the next several weeks.


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