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Israeli-Palestinian talks are going nowhere
Op-ed: It may be time for US to withdraw from peace negotiations, let Netanyahu and Abbas get along on their own.
(00:28 ,04/01/14)
Putin the neighborhood thug: Don't try this at home
Analysis: Quite a few Israeli politicians are envious of Russian president, asking: 'Why don't we conquer Gaza tomorrow morning?' But Putin should not serve as an example to us.
(17:24 ,03/18/14)
Netanyahu has left Abbas naked at the White House
The prime minister has proven his expertise at sleight of hand in the negotiations, says Nahum Barnea, but can the trickster be trusted?
(17:39 ,03/17/14)
Netanyahu cries out, world remains silent
Analysis: Israel's PM sees battle against Tehran as his life's mission, but world has in fact come to terms with Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state.
(00:20 ,03/12/14)
Beit Shemesh's fate is in voters' hands
Op-ed: For torn city's non-haredi population, Tuesday's mayoral election is last opportunity to curb haredization process.
(17:56 ,03/10/14)
Israel's haredim crying over spilled milk
Analysis: Sunday's protest succeeded in uniting all haredi factions, but its participants do know that the IDF draft law has already been approved.
(14:07 ,03/03/14)
Tearing down haredi ghetto's walls
Op-ed: The real threat to the haredi ghetto is not the haredi draft law, it's a small plastic and metal device that opens the door to the outside world
(01:31 ,02/11/14)
Take Kerry at his word
Analysis: When US secretary of state warns Israel against a South Africa-style international boycott, he knows what he's talking about it
(00:12 ,02/04/14)
The man who executed the vision
Op-ed: Ariel Sharon was everything the State's forefathers dreamed of seeing in the generation of the sons, the born Israelis: Handsome, strong, a farmer working his land, a soldier for life
(18:42 ,01/12/14)
In the land of sin and hatred
Op-ed: Instead of whining about Palestinian incitement, ministers should discuss state of incitement in Israel
(23:57 ,01/06/14)
Netanyahu's headache
Op-ed: As US-brokered negotiations approach their home stretch, prime minister faces a crucial decision
(20:22 ,12/30/13)
Until the snow melts
Op-ed: Rare moments of harmony witnessed in West Bank during snow storm will soon be over
(20:01 ,12/16/13)
Israel not a third world country
Op-ed: Snow storms paralyze major cities like London, Washington and no one cries out 'failure'
(11:38 ,12/16/13)
No more excuses
Op-ed: Military plan devised by US experts robs Netanyahu of his security arrangements argument
(19:51 ,12/09/13)
Iran, at high noon
Op-ed: Historians have been discussing America's decline for 50 years. They may not have been wrong – just premature
(10:28 ,11/16/13)
Netanyahu the converso
Op-ed: Appointment of new central bank chief just another example of PM's zigzagging
(10:33 ,10/22/13)
Obama and the snakes
Op-ed: Putin proves that, as opposed to Obama, he is loyal to his allies and acts as bitter rival towards their enemies
(23:21 ,09/23/13)
Obama, stop digging
Op-ed: If US president can't win support for Syria operation, how will he keep his promises on Iran?
(20:02 ,09/09/13)
Giving without taking
Op-ed: It's a shame prime minister isn’t telling Israel's citizens his real reason for restarting peace talks
(19:58 ,07/30/13)
On the wrong foot
Op-ed: Washington is a great place to celebrate the signing of an agreement, but it is a cemetery for negotiations
(10:23 ,07/22/13)
Tireless shuttle diplomacy
Op-ed: Whenever Kerry says 'real progress made,' Israelis and Palestinians breathe sigh of relief
(09:58 ,07/02/13)
Peace talks vital for Israel
Op-ed: Negotiations with Palestinians are only way to neutralize anti-Israel boycott calls
(19:45 ,06/25/13)
Kim Il Peres
Op-ed: President deserves a big thank you for the good things he's done, not a cult of personality
(19:58 ,06/19/13)
The power to do bad
Op-ed: LGBT community should not abuse power it has gained; outing public figures is plain cruelty
(20:00 ,06/10/13)
Acre here, Clinton there
Op-ed: There is no justification to spend so much money on Peres' 90th birthday; he is not the Queen of England
(10:14 ,06/04/13)
Lapid the media wizard?
Op-ed: Biggest surprise in finance minister's conduct is mistakes he is making in areas he excels in
(14:03 ,05/14/13)
Are Israelis really happy?
Op-ed: Israelis are strong, active and resourceful – but not happy. Jews and happiness don't go together
(10:58 ,04/23/13)
As if they caught another bin Laden
Op-ed: Americans' reaction to capture of teenage Boston terrorist exaggerated, sends dangerous message
(21:33 ,04/21/13)
Crime and punishment
Op-ed: PM decided to dismiss Knesset Speaker Rivlin because he was 'disloyal,' too popular
(11:42 ,03/11/13)
Through the back door
Op-ed: With only six Knesset seats, Livni had no choice but to join Netanyahu-led coalition
(11:51 ,02/20/13)
Clinging to the status quo
Op-ed: Netanyahu's second term as prime minister can be summed up in one word: Survival
(15:23 ,01/18/13)
The mountain and the mouse
Op-ed: If AG wanted Lieberman to resign, he should have stated it clearly when he announced decision to indict
(13:31 ,12/14/12)
The Sunni axis
Op-ed: Only one who can claim victory after latest round of Israel-Hamas fighting is Morsi
(14:16 ,11/23/12)
The way out is the hardest
Op-ed: Instead of settling for achieved goals, government tormented by how to emerge from Gaza op with sense of victory
(20:10 ,11/19/12)
The third front
Op-ed: Soldiers killed in ground offensive on eve of elections would be catastrophic for Netanyahu
(16:36 ,11/16/12)
A not so happy new year
Op-ed: Israelis know that as bad as current government is, next one will not be better
(01:21 ,09/04/12)
Don't evacuate Migron
Op-ed: State should have banned construction in smaller West Bank settlements long ago
(00:49 ,08/28/12)
Bibi's choice
Op-ed: By dissolving committee tasked with drafting new IDF recruitment law, prime minister chose haredim over Kadima
(11:02 ,07/03/12)
King Bibi the First
Op-ed: Israel, a former republic, is on its way to becoming a monarchy, fully integrating into Mideast
(10:11 ,05/21/12)
Israel vs. the NY Times
Op-ed: Why does any Jew who criticizes Israel automatically become an anti-Semite?
(17:10 ,12/29/11)
The (other) 'N word'
Op-ed: PM Netanyahu's name has somehow become one US officials would rather not mention
(00:06 ,12/13/11)
Say no to American way
Op-ed: Time has come for Israelis to realize that American model no longer works
(10:20 ,10/03/11)
Israel has no strategy
Op-ed: Our government has sophisticated military means at its disposal but lacks strategy
(13:24 ,08/21/11)
Election season underway
Op-ed: Our political establishment reduced to bunch of primaries candidates eager to be elected
(13:54 ,07/21/11)
Battle of the middle class
Op-ed: Housing, cottage cheese protests emerged as result of dangerous middle class crisis
(17:48 ,07/17/11)
The rabbis and the army
Op-ed: Appointment of regimental rabbis reminiscent of Soviet army indoctrination
(21:46 ,07/04/11)
Bread and entertainment
Op-ed: Rabbi’s arrest served interests of all parties, proved some people more equal than others
(12:45 ,06/30/11)
On victory and arrogance
Op-ed: Like Bibi now, Golda Meir enjoyed great popularity, and then Yom Kippur War broke out
(09:19 ,05/31/11)
Israel punishes itself
Op-ed: Decision to boost settlement construction in wake of Itamar massacre bad for Israel
(12:16 ,03/15/11)
A targeted assassination
Op-ed: Should Yoav Galant’s appointment as IDF chief of staff hinge on real estate issues?
(14:17 ,01/28/11)
Haredim not at fault
Op-ed: Our government, rather than religious politicians, at fault for capitulation to haredim
(18:12 ,12/20/10)
Painted into a corner
Op-ed: Netanyahu, Obama and Abbas struggle to solve construction freeze puzzle
(18:06 ,09/26/10)
Netanyahu and the freeze
Op-ed: PM Netanyahu will likely be slammed whether he extends settlement freeze or not
(11:56 ,09/13/10)
In the shadow of attack
Op-ed: Tuesday’s murderous terror attack boosts PM Netanyahu’s bargaining power
(11:19 ,09/01/10)
High ranks, no brains
Op-ed: Just like any large organization, IDF includes quite a few high-ranking idiots
(14:05 ,08/20/10)
Bibi’s catastrophic testimony
Op-ed: Instead of showing leadership in raid probe, PM came across as distant observer
(11:59 ,08/10/10)
The unholy peace trinity
Op-ed: Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas no closer to securing peace agreement
(11:06 ,07/13/10)
There is no other way
Time has come for our government to make a decision on Gilad Shalit
(10:07 ,06/27/10)
In search of a leader
Netanyahu excels at whining, but this won’t get Israel out of mess
(11:05 ,06/07/10)
Plenty to think about
Prime Minister Netanyahu has much on his plate these days
(18:01 ,05/30/10)
A different kind of city
Despite uneasy Arab-Jewish relationship, Jerusalem has much to offer
(00:06 ,05/13/10)
Jerusalem’s demographic trap
Hebrew becoming minority language in capital as haredim, Arabs take over
(18:14 ,05/12/10)
Good reason for fear
Employment, education issues threaten State of Israel’s future
(11:01 ,05/04/10)
We’re losing them
Israel increasingly losing support of America’s liberal Jewish camp
(18:06 ,03/17/10)
The smell of fear
Nothing more dangerous to PM than conveying sense that he’s afraid
(18:19 ,03/14/10)
Time to go, Lieberman
Never before has a minister prompted so much embarrassment, shame
(00:53 ,03/04/10)
The only man at the Knesset
PM Netanyahu preoccupied with proving to others that he’s a strong figure
(11:37 ,02/09/10)
Rethink Auschwitz trips
Woe is us if Israeli teens need to travel to Auschwitz in order to feel Jewish
(17:10 ,01/27/10)
That sweet, sickly smell
Special report from Haiti: Nahum Barnea encounters carnage reminiscent of war zone
(08:23 ,01/16/10)
What went wrong in Gaza?
Nahum Barnea discusses two key lessons of Operation Cast Lead’s grim aftermath
(09:30 ,10/20/09)
In praise of short wars
In wake of Gaza war fallout, Bibi believes Israel can only afford short operations
(16:12 ,10/16/09)
Netanyahu at his best
Give Netanyahu a good platform, a convenient enemy, and a charged issue to fight over, and he is at his best
(16:43 ,09/25/09)
Joke at Obama’s expense
Abbas-Netanyahu summit meeting in New York a meaningless photo op
(00:38 ,09/22/09)
The sorrow of war
Golden Lion winner 'Lebanon' an anti-war movie, not a political one
(19:22 ,09/16/09)
Rabbi Weiss’ mafia
State must counter Taliban-like haredi sect led by Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss
(16:17 ,09/01/09)
The alcohol curse
Nahum Barnea wonders why police do nothing in face of alarming alcohol abuse
(21:31 ,08/18/09)
Why are extra rights needed?
The war on hatred can start by matching the rights of its victim
(10:49 ,08/10/09)
What’s the proper response?
How should police officers respond to harsh insults directed at them?
(18:40 ,07/27/09)
Haredim an easy target
Ultra-Orthodox an easy but not necessarily justified target for hatred
(18:54 ,07/20/09)
Can’t make up their mind
Instead of hasty Olmert-led government, we got leaders who can’t decide
(09:56 ,07/15/09)
Bibi and my computer
Both Netanyahu, Obama should consider pressing ‘reset’ button
(09:04 ,06/09/09)
Obama not a messiah
US president’s lofty objectives would be difficult to secure in just four years
(17:06 ,06/03/09)
It’s not the settlements, stupid
Obama wanted Netanyahu’s help with Arab world, but Bibi didn’t deliver
(00:20 ,06/02/09)
No free lunches
Settlement issue reemerges in the absence of talks with Palestinians
(11:45 ,05/25/09)
A question of trust
Creation of trust vis-à-vis Obama is Netanyahu’s immediate mission
(16:45 ,05/18/09)
The Jews are to blame
Online talkbacks in US allow anti-Semitism to shift from margins to mainstream
(12:13 ,05/04/09)
Size does matter
Nahum Barnea unimpressed with exaggerated size of incoming Netanyahu government
(00:46 ,04/01/09)
Give Bibi a chance
Netanyahu given rare political gift: Second chance as prime minister
(19:15 ,03/30/09)
Crossing red lines
Israel must not conduct itself as if Gilad Shalit is the last captive
(07:59 ,03/23/09)
Can Bibi betray rightists?
Kadima will only join coalition if Netanyahu shuns some rightist partners
(18:01 ,02/24/09)
The card dealer from Minsk
Lieberman played his cards right, but does he secretly want to be leader of opposition?
(19:21 ,02/16/09)
Gaddafi’s ‘peace initiative’
Libyan leader’s one-state solution appeals to very broad coalition
(19:18 ,01/26/09)
Looking for victory
We must boast Gaza achievement, but let’s hope our leaders aren’t addicted gamblers
(10:12 ,01/06/09)
Not a one-time shot
Gaza op won’t bring absolute end to rocket fire, but Israel should expect improved truce
(10:44 ,12/30/08)
Phased solution in Gaza
Notion of IDF taking over Gaza and then handing it over seems more reasonable today
(12:33 ,11/17/08)
The politicians are lying
Nahum Barnea says we should not believe politicians who say they do not fear elections
(18:49 ,10/27/08)
Everyone is a target
Sternhell attack shows that far right may target anyone who holds different views
(14:20 ,09/26/08)
Before you vote
Nahum Barnea analyzes Kadima primaries, urges voters to go with their heart, gut
(11:52 ,09/17/08)
Are we that corrupt?
Disgust with politics a dangerous trend that undermines public faith in democracy
(01:33 ,09/11/08)
Hungry for headlines
Police recommendation to indict Olmert on bribery charges is mostly about PR
(13:04 ,09/08/08)


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