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After the elections, the right doesn't care
Op-ed: Right-wing politicians, who would have caused a ruckus had Netanyahu released Palestinian tax money before the elections, are now keeping quiet for fear of being left out of his new government.
(11:56 ,03/30/15)
Netanyahu may have apologized, but the damage has been done
Op-ed: The prime minister's apology over his anti-Arab comments wasn't directed at Israel's Arabs; it was directed at the Obama administration, Western European governments and the US Jewry.
(23:56 ,03/24/15)
Bibi is a magician after all
Analysis: Netanyahu succeeded in reviving Begin's Likud, making voters who didn't want to hear about him cast a ballot in his favor; now he has to make good on his pledge to be a PM for all.
(11:02 ,03/18/15)
This time, it's a personal vote: Netanyahu, yes or no?
Op-ed: It's rare for a prime minister to evoke such strong feelings of resentment among so many publics, but Netanyahu probably earned it. He is perceived as a person living in a bubble, whose real life isn't the Israeli public's real life.
(17:43 ,03/17/15)
An impressive, restrained rally in the city square
Op-ed: With speakers determined not to make any mistakes and a prime minister standing behind bulletproof glass, Sunday's right-wing protest was very different from the angry demonstrations we saw in the past.
(12:49 ,03/16/15)
Netanyahu, tragic hero of 2015 elections
Op-ed: For all his in-depth surveys, for all his electoral experience, Netanyahu doesn't understand the extent of his problematic nature in the eyes of the electorate; maybe he simply is incapable of understanding.
(23:19 ,03/13/15)
Secret document reveals Netanyahu's lack of credibility
Op-ed: If it's legitimate to reveal the gap between Obama's rhetoric on Iran and the concessions Kerry made on his behalf, it's legitimate to reveal the gap between the prime minister's rhetoric and the major concessions he offered the Palestinians.
(00:00 ,03/09/15)
Netanyahu's mistake was trusting Abbas
Analysis: An Israeli and a Palestinian, each sent by their respective leaders, held years of secret talks summarized in an August 2013 document showing far-reaching Israeli concessions; but while Netanyahu dispatched his most trusted aide, Abbas was playing a different game.
(23:49 ,03/06/15)
Netanyahu's top priority is elections, not Iran
Analysis: Instead of garnering the Democratic members' support in order to torpedo the Iranian nuclear deal, the prime minister's Congress speech only served to alienate them.
(23:25 ,03/04/15)
Netanyahu speech will be tested by its effect on Iran deal
Op-ed: It doesn’t matter how many times Congress members interrupt the prime minister's address with applause; if nothing changes in the terms of the nuclear agreement with Tehran, all he has done is fly 9,000 kilometers and return with a Churchill bust.
(12:52 ,03/03/15)
Netanyahu's speech - historic or hysteric?
Op-ed: Most Congress members don’t know much about foreign policy, but they do know politics; they will assume it's Netanyahu's performance in the polls and not Iran that brought him over at this time.
(12:35 ,03/02/15)
In Israel, leaders aren't ousted for shameful conduct
Op-ed: A prime minister doesn’t have to be an exemplary figure, but he should be expected to know how to lead. That's what Netanyahu should be given a failing report card for, not for the way his household is being run.
(00:26 ,02/19/15)
Rawabi's dried-up pipe could land Israel in deep water
Op-ed: There are quite a few ways to explain to the world why uninvolved people were killed in Gaza or why Jews are allowed to settle in an occupied territory; but there is no way to explain why Israel is preventing a Palestinian city from receiving water.
(12:07 ,02/17/15)
The road to corruption is paved with good intentions
Op-ed: The attorney general's attempt to improve the distribution of coalition funds is similar to a decision to improve a bank robbery preparation process.
(15:00 ,02/09/15)
Benny Gantz says goodbye to term as head of IDF
Analysis: Head of Israel's armed forces leaves office in just over a week, after a term in which region fell apart and Islamic terror groups seized swathes of neighboring states. But man whose final summer of service included abduction and murder of three Israeli teens and subsequent war in Gaza has learned a vital lesson about his compatriots' fighting spirit.
(00:29 ,02/08/15)
The genie in Netanyahu's bottle
Op-ed: The only public issue in the Sara Netanyahu affairs is to what extent her behavior affects the prime minister's decisions and performance; and why is he complaining about a political conspiracy instead of dealing with reality?
(11:06 ,02/02/15)
Revenge for Quneitra strike isn't over yet
Analysis: After Hezbollah's attack Wednesday, the IDF hoped that a chapter had ended: We did our thing, they exacted their revenge. As far as Hezbollah is concerned, that may be true. But whoever thinks Iran will settle for that is living in a dream world.
(23:47 ,01/29/15)
Netanyahu's gift to Iran
Op-ed: Decision to concoct US trip behind administration's back has put prime minister up against Democrats in both houses of Congress and some of Republicans, reducing chances of stepping up sanctions through legislation. And how has Naftali Bennett turned into Israel's acting prime minister?
(00:32 ,01/27/15)
Netanyahu's dangerous deal with the Republicans
Op-ed: The American Republican Party is intervening in our elections, and in return an Israeli party is intervening in their politics. They are helping our prime minister beat his rivals here, and he is helping them humiliate their president there.
(00:42 ,01/23/15)
An operational hitch or a flaw in decision making?
Analysis: Jihad Mughniyeh and the Iranian general killed in Sunday's strike will be replaced by others. Israel has allegedly brought upon itself the next string of terror attacks, in the Golan or in the heart of Israel or in Jewish centers abroad, without gaining a thing.
(00:44 ,01/22/15)
Israel Land Authority: A huge, rotting swamp
Op-ed: Speaking against corruption or making promises to reduce housing prices is easy. Next government must put an end to funding of affiliated institutions and put state lands on sale to the public.
(09:11 ,01/22/15)
Paris saw the mother of all rallies
Op-ed: About two million people took part in the 'Republican march' in order to clarify their value system to the world. Even if it fails to generate a global campaign against jihadist terror, this unique rally has at least restored the French people's self-confidence.
(11:10 ,01/12/15)
When Paris mourns
Analysis: The French are not grieving the murder of four Jews; they are grieving the murder of their values, afraid of losing something which is very important to them. The Jews are only marginal players in this affair
(12:15 ,01/11/15)
State of Israel vs. one famous thief
Op-ed: The State Prosecutor's Office should be pursuing today's criminals, not those who have already been caught and convicted and have paid their debt to society.
(21:29 ,01/05/15)
Will Shas survive 2015 elections?
Analysis: Haredi parties are based on an impassioned hard core and don't usually disappear. Shas is different, and after the events of the past few weeks, it is facing an uncertain future.
(12:23 ,12/30/14)
State prosecutor in Netanyahu's service
Op-ed: Request to postpone trial involving former caretaker at prime minister's residence has nothing to do with elections or legal proceedings; it has to do with one woman: Sara Netanyahu.
(15:01 ,12/29/14)
The radical rabbis pulling Uri Ariel's strings
Op-ed: Construction minister's religious leaders chose to secure their place in the Knesset, perhaps even in the government, with the votes of people who don't share their views.
(00:08 ,12/23/14)
Politicians talk about Judaism, but neglect Israelis
Op-ed: Instead of preaching 'Jewish values,' a responsible political system should focus on how to make the eight million Israelis living here – Jews and non-Jews – feel safer, more satisfied and prouder of their country.
(00:43 ,12/16/14)
Netanyahu's self-defeating matchmaking
Analysis: Herzog and Livni, if the polls are to be believed, have created a force to be reckoned with; but their true tests are still ahead of them.
(00:16 ,12/14/14)
This election will be a race to 20 Knesset seats
Analysis: Convinced that only one party can reach magic number required to form next government, both Lapid and Herzog are wooing Livni; meanwhile, Lieberman is making a play for center and Dov Khenin is preparing to take his leave of Knesset.
(09:06 ,12/06/14)
Netanyahu is blaming Israeli voters for his inability to rule
Op-ed: If the prime minister says he is incapable of controlling a government without a large Likud faction, how will he lead the next government? From Netanyahu's point of view, another government led by him is a chronicle of a foretold failure.
(15:43 ,12/03/14)
When the government committed suicide
Analysis: The third Netanyahu government was not killed by an ideological dispute, an unusual failure or a popular protest. It died because of mutual loathing, because of the prime minister's nonperformance, because it lost its way.
(00:27 ,12/03/14)
Has Netanyahu stopped functioning or is it all an act?
Analysis: The prime minister has had enough of his partners, and has had enough of the rules of the game. He has entered a state which psychologists may define as close to manic depression.
(00:41 ,12/01/14)
Lies, paranoia and superstitions
Op-ed: Before complaining about the incitement and falsehood culture on the Palestinian side, we should take a look at what's happening on our own side.
(21:05 ,11/24/14)
The 10 quiet years are behind us
Analysis: From one isolated incident to another, we've got ourselves an intifada on our hands, which is threatening to be as fatal as the two previous ones, both for us and for them. There are no winners here – only victims.
(12:05 ,11/19/14)
When Netanyahu changes direction, it means elections are coming
Analysis: When elections emerge, prime minister feels an unconquerable urge to appeal to most radical voters – and to hell with reforms he supported, principles he believed in and commitments he made to his government and foreign governments.
(01:05 ,11/18/14)
In search of fame, Shin Bet got caught in a blunder
Analysis: After enviously watching media worship IDF during and after Operation Protective Edge, General Security Service officials decided to boost their morale by going on investigative television program. It ended in humiliation.
(00:01 ,11/14/14)
Olmert, Barak and Netanyahu: Israel's inglourious basterds
Op-ed: Through their actions and the example they set for others, two former and one current prime minister share a large part of the blame for the Israeli public's lack of trust in the political system.
(08:22 ,11/11/14)
The battle for Jerusalem
Op-ed: With far-right MKs stampeding up to the Temple Mount, and the Muslim world certain Israel is trying to change the status quo there, Netanyahu would do well to heed some wise words from a veteran lawmaker.
(23:59 ,11/08/14)
Don't write off Israel's left just yet
Op-ed: With no peace agreement in the horizon, we must hold onto the chance of a future agreement. A unilateral withdrawal from West Bank lands will prevent Israel's isolation, just like the Gaza pullout prevented a similar danger 10 years ago.
(01:40 ,11/04/14)
A fiery devotee on the Temple Mount
Op-ed: Yehudah Glick's life mission was to break the status quo at the most sensitive and dangerous place in Jerusalem; others had the same goal, but none shared his level of addiction.
(10:40 ,10/30/14)
Where have donations to IDF troops gone?
Op-ed: Justice Minister Livni is accusing Defense Ministry of failing to properly use millions of shekels left by Israeli and foreign donors for specific purposes.
(17:28 ,10/12/14)
The IDF has a post-war mission
It is clear that the IDF must devise a new path in the wake of Protective Edge; it must become quicker, more efficient, more cost-effective, and able to handle the kind of threat posed by terrorist groups. But can it do it?
(14:34 ,10/03/14)
Netanyahu's UN speech: All talk, no action
Op-ed: If Abbas is Hamas and Hamas is ISIS, Israel should bomb Ramallah and resume its attacks on Gaza. Instead, it's hoping US, European and Saudi money will fund Gaza's reconstruction and pay Hamas workers' salaries.
(09:19 ,09/30/14)
Peace talks are officially off the table
Analysis: Israelis and Palestinians are left with a battlefield between a government which will forever stick to status quo and a desperate PA which is fighting it, with world's growing support. This is a recipe for an explosion.
(10:18 ,09/28/14)
Gideon Sa'ar will be back
Analysis: Like Moshe Kahlon before him, interior minister realized that as long as Netanyahu is prime minister, no one has a chance to rise in the Likud.
(00:15 ,09/19/14)
Unit 8200 refuseniks are telling the truth
Op-ed: In best-case scenario, information gathered by elite intelligence unit's soldiers prevents a terror attack; in many other cases, it contributes to occupation's maliciousness and foolishness.
(16:37 ,09/15/14)
Mahmoud Abbas' next move
Op-ed: As Palestinian leader turns 80, he is losing his fear of his political rivals, of Hamas and of Israel – and has nothing to lose as he turns to UN.
(00:48 ,09/07/14)
Ashkenazi made mistakes, but should he be indicted?
Op-ed: Whoever trusts chiefs of staff's discretion on matters of life and death must respect their discretion when it comes to disclosing information to journalists.
(09:39 ,09/03/14)
Giving up before reaching the starting line
Op-ed: Yesh Atid ministers have oddly surrendered their respective budgets with enthusiasm instead of doing their jobs and asking Yair Lapid: Where were you during Operation Protective Edge?
(00:35 ,09/03/14)
Gaza ceasefire is too little, too late
Analysis: Operation Protective Edge has left behind several poisoned chalices: Israelis have discovered they have no leadership, no political trust, a tenuous grip on coexistence and democracy, and a downturn in relations with the US.
(00:35 ,08/28/14)
Obama's real problem with Netanyahu
Netanyahu's bureau says the president and the prime minister have ideological differences, but that's not the root of it. Nor is it truly personal.
(01:12 ,08/19/14)
Despite ongoing rocket fire, Israel was right to leave Gaza
Op-ed: Southern residents' disappointment is understandable, but it's too early to point an accusing finger at Netanyahu, Ya'alon and Gantz.
(13:14 ,08/10/14)
In some wars, both sides lose
Analysis: Despite its huge military advantage, advanced intelligence and remarkable protection means, it may be difficult for the IDF to subdue several thousand terror fighters.
(00:22 ,08/07/14)
Conclude operation and come home
Analysis: IDF forces must leave Gaza now because they have no missions justifying their presence there.
(11:51 ,08/03/14)
'Leader of terrorist gang' is now seen as Israel's savior
Analysis: Israeli government, which waged an international campaign against Palestinian reconciliation government, is now clinging to it with all its might as a dignified way out of Gaza operation.
(09:43 ,07/30/14)
Paying the price of a justified war
Analysis: Israel's decision makers never imagined that after 10 days of a ground operation in Gaza, the military death toll would cross the 50 mark.
(11:09 ,07/29/14)
Tumbling into Gaza, and climbing out again
Israel and Hamas found themselves falling into a cycle of escalation, writes Nahum Barnea, but after Israel spent years ignoring the tunnel threat, will it really be so willing now to leave a fight it is winning while even one still stands?
(00:46 ,07/29/14)
US-Israel row benefits Hamas
Analysis: Netanyahu government, which really wants a ceasefire in Gaza, may now be portrayed as if it gave in to Obama's pressure.
(10:36 ,07/28/14)
Rely on deterrence, not on understandings with Hamas
Analysis: After removing tunnel threat, Israel should take its forces out of Gaza but maintain military freedom of action.
(01:10 ,07/24/14)
Hamas, not Israel, is running conflict
Analysis: Shift to ground warfare pushed aside Israel's huge advantage thanks to Iron Dome system. All weapon systems Hamas specializes in are now being used against IDF soldiers.
(00:56 ,07/21/14)
In current round of fighting, credibility is the name of the game
Analysis: A day after this round ends, we will have to ask ourselves how did an enemy like Hamas stop believing Israeli prime minister's threats.
(00:39 ,07/10/14)
Escalation at Hamas' request
Analysis: Out of despair, Islamic organization is doing a lot to draw Israel into Gaza, seeing it as the only choice it has left.
(11:12 ,07/08/14)
Denouncing Arab youth's murder is not enough
Op-ed: Rightist politicians rushed to condemn Shuafat murder, but incitement is still considered a legitimate, patriotic act.
(00:20 ,07/08/14)
Cabinet must not be guided by fear
Analysis: Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers are afraid that if they won’t decide on a firm, loud, immediate operation against Hamas, rightist groups will launch their own acts of revenge.
(21:06 ,07/01/14)
Palestinian hunger strikers are only trying to get our attention
Op-ed: Law allowing force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners will join other hastily approved laws that put Israel's legislation to shame.
(10:55 ,06/23/14)
An emotional win for Reuven Rivlin
Analysis: MKs were not attracted by Rivlin the winner; they were moved by Rivlin the loser, the underdog.
(12:03 ,06/11/14)
Ben-Eliezer had no choice but to quit presidential race
Analysis: Israeli public no longer shows mercy towards its elected representatives' private lives, sources of income and behavior towards subordinates.
(14:44 ,06/08/14)
Netanyahu's opponents, allies sense weakness on Palestinian unity
Analysis: The PM has reached a new low in influence on world leaders who welcomed the new Palestinian government, while his cabinet attacks him for 'walking on eggshells'; meanwhile, Labor's Herzog has a plan of his own.
(23:39 ,06/06/14)
When the government breaks the law
Op-ed: Case of illegal outpost illustrates how only in Israel there is a need to enact a law banning government from funding illegal activity.
(19:20 ,06/02/14)
Elie Wiesel: Why should I be president?
Nobel Peace Prize laureate reveals to Nahum Barnea how Prime Minister Netanyahu pressured him to become Israel's new president and why he turned down the offer.
(11:31 ,06/01/14)
Netanyahu is Palestinian Authority's savior
Analysis: Israeli PM speaks about PA's crimes day and night while bolstering it at the same time.
(10:33 ,05/28/14)
Don't rejoice at Olmert's downfall
Op-ed: Former prime minister may be a convicted felon, but he is not Satan. His jail sentence is not a cause for celebration.
(12:56 ,05/13/14)
Netanyahu's obsession getting the better of him
Analysis: Prime minister is pushing for cancelation of presidency simply because he is dreading Reuven Rivlin's election.
(00:16 ,05/13/14)
Israel occupied by the settlement lobby
Op-ed: A radical minority is helping turn Israel into an apartheid state boycotted by global business groups, besieged politically, legally and culturally.
(13:27 ,04/29/14)
Palestinian threat to dissolve PA could have serious repercussions
Analysis: Should Palestinian self-rule end, hundreds of Palestinians would lose their job, and Israel would have to enter the vacuum created as a result, offering Palestinians security, education and welfare services at a cost Israel cannot afford.
(19:24 ,04/20/14)
Israeli-Palestinian talks are going nowhere
Op-ed: It may be time for US to withdraw from peace negotiations, let Netanyahu and Abbas get along on their own.
(00:28 ,04/01/14)
Putin the neighborhood thug: Don't try this at home
Analysis: Quite a few Israeli politicians are envious of Russian president, asking: 'Why don't we conquer Gaza tomorrow morning?' But Putin should not serve as an example to us.
(17:24 ,03/18/14)
Netanyahu has left Abbas naked at the White House
The prime minister has proven his expertise at sleight of hand in the negotiations, says Nahum Barnea, but can the trickster be trusted?
(17:39 ,03/17/14)
Netanyahu cries out, world remains silent
Analysis: Israel's PM sees battle against Tehran as his life's mission, but world has in fact come to terms with Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state.
(00:20 ,03/12/14)
Beit Shemesh's fate is in voters' hands
Op-ed: For torn city's non-haredi population, Tuesday's mayoral election is last opportunity to curb haredization process.
(17:56 ,03/10/14)
Israel's haredim crying over spilled milk
Analysis: Sunday's protest succeeded in uniting all haredi factions, but its participants do know that the IDF draft law has already been approved.
(14:07 ,03/03/14)
Tearing down haredi ghetto's walls
Op-ed: The real threat to the haredi ghetto is not the haredi draft law, it's a small plastic and metal device that opens the door to the outside world
(01:31 ,02/11/14)
Take Kerry at his word
Analysis: When US secretary of state warns Israel against a South Africa-style international boycott, he knows what he's talking about it
(00:12 ,02/04/14)
The man who executed the vision
Op-ed: Ariel Sharon was everything the State's forefathers dreamed of seeing in the generation of the sons, the born Israelis: Handsome, strong, a farmer working his land, a soldier for life
(18:42 ,01/12/14)
In the land of sin and hatred
Op-ed: Instead of whining about Palestinian incitement, ministers should discuss state of incitement in Israel
(23:57 ,01/06/14)
Netanyahu's headache
Op-ed: As US-brokered negotiations approach their home stretch, prime minister faces a crucial decision
(20:22 ,12/30/13)
Until the snow melts
Op-ed: Rare moments of harmony witnessed in West Bank during snow storm will soon be over
(20:01 ,12/16/13)
Israel not a third world country
Op-ed: Snow storms paralyze major cities like London, Washington and no one cries out 'failure'
(11:38 ,12/16/13)
No more excuses
Op-ed: Military plan devised by US experts robs Netanyahu of his security arrangements argument
(19:51 ,12/09/13)
Iran, at high noon
Op-ed: Historians have been discussing America's decline for 50 years. They may not have been wrong – just premature
(10:28 ,11/16/13)
Netanyahu the converso
Op-ed: Appointment of new central bank chief just another example of PM's zigzagging
(10:33 ,10/22/13)
Obama and the snakes
Op-ed: Putin proves that, as opposed to Obama, he is loyal to his allies and acts as bitter rival towards their enemies
(23:21 ,09/23/13)
Obama, stop digging
Op-ed: If US president can't win support for Syria operation, how will he keep his promises on Iran?
(20:02 ,09/09/13)
Giving without taking
Op-ed: It's a shame prime minister isn’t telling Israel's citizens his real reason for restarting peace talks
(19:58 ,07/30/13)
On the wrong foot
Op-ed: Washington is a great place to celebrate the signing of an agreement, but it is a cemetery for negotiations
(10:23 ,07/22/13)
Tireless shuttle diplomacy
Op-ed: Whenever Kerry says 'real progress made,' Israelis and Palestinians breathe sigh of relief
(09:58 ,07/02/13)
Peace talks vital for Israel
Op-ed: Negotiations with Palestinians are only way to neutralize anti-Israel boycott calls
(19:45 ,06/25/13)
Kim Il Peres
Op-ed: President deserves a big thank you for the good things he's done, not a cult of personality
(19:58 ,06/19/13)
The power to do bad
Op-ed: LGBT community should not abuse power it has gained; outing public figures is plain cruelty
(20:00 ,06/10/13)


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