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Barak and Ya'alon are not the only ones worried
Op-ed: Whatever Barak and Ya'alon's motives are, they're not the point. Their scathing criticism of Netanyahu's government comes of a feeling of emergency, and that same feeling has been popping up in many places across the country.
(18:36 ,06/18/16)
Good diagnosis, bad treatment
Op-ed: Dennis Ross and David Makovsky may correctly diagnose Israel's diplomatic problems, but their offered solutions are decidedly wrong-headed. The real question Israel is facing now is its willingness, or lack thereof, to avoid turning into an apartheid state in the future.
(23:26 ,06/06/16)
We won't always have Paris
Op-ed: The French peace conference is pointing at the end of direct negotiations and the return to forced solutions, while Israel is paying the price for its government's hawkish makeup and extreme right rhetoric.
(14:14 ,06/03/16)
Driving forward in reverse
Op-ed: While it's legitimate for Lieberman to join the government, it's not legitimate to do so without explaining to his voters why Bibi, the 'coward,' 'liar' and 'national disaster' has now become a friend and a partner, almost overnight.
(18:46 ,05/22/16)
A tragedy posing as a comedy
Op-ed: Netanyahu is like a drunk driver zigzagging on the road: One moment he's swaying onto the left shoulder, the next he's on the right. Usually he comes out unharmed, but this time he'll have to do a defense driving course, with Lieberman as his teacher.
(14:47 ,05/19/16)
Birds of a feather
Nahum Barnea argues that Trump and Netanyahu's leadership share many similarities, the majority of which are negative. Democratic contenders will have to fight an uphill battle against a candidate who knows how to whip up populist sentiment.
(23:31 ,05/08/16)
Beitunian nights: The IDF in the West Bank
Op-ed: The army takes over security from the PA at night, when it can quietly apprehend would-be 'martyrs'; we should discuss young Palestinians' desire to kill and be killed as an escape.
(23:59 ,03/18/16)
The Palestinian project
Op-ed: We need to reject unrealistically simple solutions and boost employment, investment, living standards, and more to at least mitigate the hatred and perhaps reach the point where we can say goodbye.
(23:51 ,03/11/16)
When disaster meets despair
Op-ed: The generation of terrorists from the 90s lived under the illusion that Allah was waiting for them in paradise with 72 virgins. Today's terrorists are disillusioned and aimless.
(15:26 ,03/13/16)
A conversation with Ze'ev Elkin on possibility of PA collapse
Op-ed: Immigrant absorption minister tells Nahum Barnea that Israel must begin planning for the day after the Palestinian Authority collapses; Elkin suggests that Israel should begin talks with local leaders and village councils about future arrangements.
(15:00 ,03/07/16)
A lesson about Jerusalem
Op-ed: Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s announced the next school year as The Year of The Unity of Jerusalem; the decision is legitimate: I think it is educationally more important and relevant to visit Jerusalem than to visit Auschwitz. Students will admire the city's natural beauty but will wonder why its streets are so dirty, and will want to know why it is so poor and becoming more ultra-Orthodox.
(18:50 ,03/03/16)
Professors in revolt: The academy vs. the minister
Op-ed: As Education Minister Naftali Bennett makes questionable appointments and changes, alarmed academics ask whether rebellion will help their cause or simply enable the religious-nationalist sector to strengthen its hold on education.
(18:04 ,02/27/16)
Don't listen to politicians' nonsense, listen to the IDF chief
Op-ed: Eisenkot's comments accurately reflect the IDF's rules of engagement, common sense, and the IDF's values. Ya'alon and Bennett understand this, because they were fighters themselves, unlike Hotovely and Erdan. But the right ran out of people to blame, so they aim their fire at the IDF chief.
(16:06 ,02/21/16)
The Balad problem
Op-ed: Provocation is the bread and butter of Balad. However, they did not break the law. 'Those observing a minute of silence in memory of shahids aid terrorism,' says Elkin. Based on that, any provocateur can be accused of aiding terrorism - even Elkin himself, when he goes on the Temple Mount.
(20:53 ,02/15/16)
The King approves, the Shin Bet appeals
Op-ed: Not involving the Shin Bet in a crucial matter of security concerning the Palestinians is surprisingly negligent. But what the political leadership seems to lack is being compensated for, at least partly, by IDF chief Eisenkot.
(15:38 ,02/13/16)
Israel's McCarthys
Op-ed: As Im Tirtzu's supporters saw last week, the fervent quest to implicate others as traitors can quickly go too far. Israel's witch hunters need to stop now, before it's too late.
(16:52 ,02/02/16)
The great democratizer
Op-ed: Netanyahu can sit more comfortably than ever now. His opponents from within and without are nowhere to be seen, his position seems secure, and his agenda is uninterrupted. So why does he still seem so uneasy?
(00:06 ,01/17/16)
Netanyahu vs. 1.5 million Israeli Arabs
Op-ed: The terror attack in Tel Aviv brought back up an issue Israelis would rather forget: the country's Arab citizens; but the prime minister would much rather use fear of Arabs to bolster his own standing than give the five-year plan to invest in the Arab sector a real chance.
(23:32 ,01/10/16)
Indyk is telling the truth about Netanyahu
Op-ed: The former US envoy has no reason to fabricate stories after 20 years. There is also no reason to be shocked by what the then-opposition leader told him a day after Rabin's assassination; while it wasn't politically correct, it was definitely understandable.
(18:30 ,01/07/16)
Reduced sentence still an unbearable blow for Olmert
Op-ed: Former PM's bribery conviction and 18-month jail term are joined by the understanding that his hope of returning to the public arena is over, along with a 50-year political career.
(14:29 ,12/30/15)
Why the Left should be ashamed of itself
Op-ed: Where are all the Israelis who are convinced that the ongoing occupation will destroy us? Where is their money, and why do they expect Sweden's government to fight their battle against the Right?
(12:33 ,12/29/15)
A president in love (with a president)
Op-ed: The look on Obama's face as he greeted Rivlin at the Oval Office gave away the difference: After years of emotionally charged meetings with Netanyahu, he finally had a relaxed meeting with a representative of the State of Israel, a meeting in which neither side had to be untrue to itself.
(12:05 ,12/10/15)  
The two-state bluff
Analysis: American administration officials learned an important lesson from Israeli officials at Saban Forum this past weekend: As far as Israeli government is concerned, two-state solution is dead. Nonetheless, Americans will keep holding on to this formula, as it's easier than searching for other solutions.
(22:41 ,12/07/15)
Yossi Sarid: Israel's fearless politician
Op-ed: The former Meretz chairman's voice, loud and clear and uncompromising, held up a cruel mirror to Israelis' face. He will be greatly missed.
(10:47 ,12/06/15)
Greetings from the Middle Ages
Op-ed: Many of those preaching a return to the past are clerics from different religions, who pose a clear and imminent danger to human society. It's harder to understand the damage reflected by those who are not dressed like ayatollahs but share their views.
(10:26 ,12/03/15)
An intifada without a leader
Analysis: The first intifada started as a popular uprising, with the masses taking to the streets. The second one was led by the Palestinian leadership. The third one, at the moment, is neither. Either way, this is the end of the Abbas era.
(14:34 ,11/27/15)
Defeating terror the Parisian way
Nahum Barnea joins French citizens of all ages, religions and ethnic groups as they take to the streets of Paris following Friday night's terror offensive, vowing that 'life will win.'
(23:50 ,11/16/15)
ISIS first - everything else will have to wait
Analysis: The mega-attack in Paris changes, in the short run, the nature of the international debate over Syria's future. The West wanted to have it both ways: Destroy the Islamic State and topple Assad's regime. Now, it must reconsider its list of priorities.
(11:11 ,11/15/15)
Obama and Netanyahu will talk, but won't say anything
Analysis: The prime minister has embarked on a trip to Washington in order to meet with the American president, however the meeting will amount to nothing due to their non-existent relationship.
(00:04 ,11/09/15)
A dignified rally, a paralyzed nation
Op-ed: While tens of thousands of people showed up to honor Rabin's memory Saturday night, there was no energy at the square. The rage over the collapse of democratic values, over the racism and violence in Israeli society, has no voters.
(12:24 ,11/01/15)
Who was the real Rabin and what remains of Oslo
Op-ed: No one knows what would have happened had Israel's PM survived his assassination attempt, but 20 years of failure indicate that a peace deal with the Palestinians would not have been signed: The gaps were too big, the expectations were too high, and the leaders feared the political and personal price they would have to pay.
(23:51 ,10/26/15)
When wave of terror becomes a tsunami
Op-ed: The current wave has roots, at least in part, in the fact that Palestinian and Israeli governments have been offering Palestinian youths nothing but despair over the years.
(23:39 ,10/12/15)
Nominate and evacuate
Analysis: Gal Hirsch's appointment as police commissioner was a double mistake, Daphni Leef still dreams of the future, and the Christian schools' protest is more than a simplistic set of complaints.
(13:11 ,09/27/15)
Fear and loathing at the Temple Mount
As tensions continue to simmer in Jerusalem's Old City, Nahum Barnea goes to the Temple Mount and speaks with a sheikh, who explains the limits of reconciliation, and an Israeli former security commander, who explains the importance of the status quo.
(21:21 ,09/19/15)
Where did the West go wrong?
Op-ed: Bush wanted to impose a democracy in the Middle East; Obama wanted justice. The refugees who are running for their lives to Europe only want to live. If the West is incapable of giving them that, what are democracy and justice worth?
(00:21 ,09/09/15)
Nebi Salah footage a reflection of Israel
Op-ed: The images of a young girl and two women struggling with an Israeli soldier grasping a 12-year-old Palestinian boy's neck illustrate not only what the occupation is doing to the Palestinians, but mostly what it is doing to the IDF and to the State of Israel.
(13:41 ,09/06/15)
The Iran strike that never was
Op-ed: Ehud Barak's interview outtakes shown on Channel 2 News tell a skewed version of what happened when the government decided to avoid striking Iran's nuclear sites.
(16:08 ,08/24/15)
Did Ya'alon intentionally skip docking ceremony for US ship in Israel?
Op-ed: The defense minister missing US Ambassador Shapiro's ceremonial visit to the USS Porter in Haifa was a lost opportunity at calming the flames of the current crisis in Israeli-US relations.
(23:24 ,08/22/15)  
Submission in France, a dilemma in Israel
Op-ed: Michel Houellebecq's 'Submission' presents a France that easily succumbs to Islamic rule merely for convenience. What will happen if similar processes happen in Israel? Will Israelis revolt, risking their next paycheck, their next vacation, their next meal? Or will they, too, submit?
(23:53 ,08/17/15)
On the edge of the abyss
Analysis: Israel is willing to do anything to thwart the nuclear deal, including publicly threatening Iranian scientists, interfering with the internal affairs of the US, and dividing US Jews; meanwhile, Netanyahu's mistaken 2002 assessment of Iraq is coming back to haunt him in his battle against Tehran.
(00:11 ,08/16/15)
Hatred is killing the foundation of Israel's existence
Op-ed: Freedom of expression is a noble value, the air democracy breathes; but the court has failed to equip democracy with tools to defend itself against those who are using freedom of expression to recruit hate criminals.
(08:36 ,08/04/15)
No more condemnations; Jewish terror requires action
Op-ed: The two hate crimes which shocked Israelis over the weekend drew condemnations from all parts of the political spectrum, but it's unlikely there will be any action to prevent the next attacks.
(12:41 ,08/02/15)
Netanyahu is betting against Obama in Congress battle against Iran deal
Analysis: The prime minister is not worried that further confrontation will cause the US president to be less generous in his compensation package to Israel. He is willing to bet the battle in Congress against the Iranian deal is worth the risk. Meanwhile, he is waiting for January 2017, when a new president enters the White House.
(23:39 ,07/18/15)
Israel will survive nuclear deal
Op-ed: The fact that Israel failed to thwart the agreement with Iran, and didn't even influence its content, is a total failure. But instead of giving Israelis a realistic account of what happened, Netanyahu is informing them that a holocaust is on the way.
(11:36 ,07/15/15)
The wicked prosper
Op-ed: Police investigator Efraim Bracha, who did his duty as a cop by reporting Rabbi Pinto's attempt to bribe him, was driven to suicide by the slander Pinto and his associates spread about him, while Pinto himself will no doubt get off easy and return to his job as God's spokesman.
(08:58 ,07/11/15)
A minister made kosher by High Court
Op-ed: UTJ rabbis needed an external source to help them get rid of their anachronism and let their MKs serve as ministers. And who volunteered? Yair Lapid.
(21:09 ,07/08/15)
Conversion reform should never have been born
Op-ed: Former Soviet immigrants realized that the conversion offered by the previous Netanyahu government is not an entrance ticket to the Jewish people, but an entrance ticket to Orthodoxy; the alternative, they discovered, is not that bad.
(08:36 ,07/07/15)
What war crimes did Israel commit in Gaza?
Op-ed: While world powers are exempted from investigation and punishment, and tyrant regimes in Africa and in the Middle East are reprimanded from time to time but don’t give a damn, Israel is stuck in a bad place in the middle.
(23:41 ,06/23/15)
Michael Oren's baseless anti-Obama articles
Op-ed: Israel's former ambassador to US presents the two countries as identical twins with an equal standing, which work in agreement and share all their secrets; any change in this intimate relationship is seen as an abandonment and betrayal. That is far from the truth, of course.
(00:47 ,06/23/15)
Settlement enterprise based on illegality and deception
Op-ed: The culture of 'winking' at wrongdoers is shared by government ministries, MKs, IDF officers, gatekeepers and law enforcers – and even the Supreme Court.
(00:48 ,06/10/15)
The myth of the beautiful Israel
Op-ed: From Orange to Obama, the actions of Israel in the settlements have a fundamental role in the world's perception of the Jewish state, and no amount of rhetoric by Netanyahu and his associates will change that.
(11:25 ,06/06/15)
Rajoub can be deterred, but what about the rest of the world?
Op-ed: When it comes to boycott threats, Israel's problem is not the Palestinians, but many of Israel's friends in the West. From one vote to another, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them – both morally and politically – to defend the Israeli policy in the West Bank.
(00:05 ,06/02/15)
The IDF view of the Palestinian struggle
Analysis: The main concern is what will happen in the fall, once the nuclear talks with Iran are over, at the time of Ramadan and the Jewish High Holy Days; meanwhile, Palestinian Authority is getting weaker.
(23:47 ,05/30/15)
Netanyahu may be Erdogan, but Israel is not Turkey
Op-ed: In his delusions, the prime minister called early elections, dismissed Israel Prize judges, undermined the free press, conducted a racist election campaign, and sold out the core values of the State of Israel and Zionism in shameless coalition deals.
(00:26 ,05/26/15)
Where is the truth and where is the act in Israeli politics
Op-ed: Who is the real Herzog, the opposition chairman who delivered a fiery speech against Prime Minister Netanyahu or the MK who rushed to hug and kiss the new ministers shortly afterwards?
(23:48 ,05/18/15)
There is very little Shaked can do in the Justice Ministry
Op-ed: Two justice ministers tried to revolutionize Israel's legal system and failed; one had extensive political experience, the other had a professional reputation, and they both had the prime minister's full support. Ayelet Shaked has none of that.
(13:35 ,05/11/15)
A government with no horizon and no future
Op-ed: Likud leader and Bennett played a game of Russian roulette, and faced with a ticking clock, Netanyahu lost.
(00:24 ,05/10/15)
A government in thrall to backbenchers
Op-ed: A coalition based on 61 MKs can only survive thanks to prime minister's authority and fear of elections; factions making up Netanyahu's fourth government fear elections, but don't have much respect for prime minister's authority.
(00:09 ,05/06/15)
The Ethiopian Israelis' justified outcry
Op-ed: Xenophobia is not only rooted in Israel – it is also encouraged by politicians on the eve of elections. The young protestors are forcing Israelis to look in the mirror, and it's not a pretty sight.
(10:18 ,05/04/15)
Netanyahu must wake up to the new reality
Analysis: With an American president who is losing patience with the insults hurled at him, a failed Israeli attempt at reshaping the Iranian nuclear agreement and a looming UN resolution on the Palestinians, it's time for a reboot of international policy.
(16:04 ,04/18/15)
Secular-religious status quo no longer exists
Op-ed: Rules regulating relationship between state and religion in Israel have been gradually broken over the years. Just like cinemas and restaurants are open on Shabbat, there is no reason to prevent a regular bus service on interurban roads and in secular neighborhoods.
(23:29 ,04/13/15)
Obama's Iranian attraction, Netanyahu's repulsion
Op-ed: Why is US president so enchanted with Persia, and will prime minister negotiate with the US on terms of agreement, or go all out to scupper it?
(00:24 ,04/10/15)
Israel needs a reality check on Iran
Analysis: While the agreement brokered Thursday definitely has its problems, a military strike was never a viable option and in fact Israel's efforts in this area failed miserably.
(19:11 ,04/03/15)
Israel's rich uncle
Op-ed: JNF is handing out millions to projects across Israel, but some are more controversial than others.
(00:53 ,04/03/15)
After the elections, the right doesn't care
Op-ed: Right-wing politicians, who would have caused a ruckus had Netanyahu released Palestinian tax money before the elections, are now keeping quiet for fear of being left out of his new government.
(11:56 ,03/30/15)
Netanyahu may have apologized, but the damage has been done
Op-ed: The prime minister's apology over his anti-Arab comments wasn't directed at Israel's Arabs; it was directed at the Obama administration, Western European governments and the US Jewry.
(23:56 ,03/24/15)
Bibi is a magician after all
Analysis: Netanyahu succeeded in reviving Begin's Likud, making voters who didn't want to hear about him cast a ballot in his favor; now he has to make good on his pledge to be a PM for all.
(11:02 ,03/18/15)
This time, it's a personal vote: Netanyahu, yes or no?
Op-ed: It's rare for a prime minister to evoke such strong feelings of resentment among so many publics, but Netanyahu probably earned it. He is perceived as a person living in a bubble, whose real life isn't the Israeli public's real life.
(17:43 ,03/17/15)
An impressive, restrained rally in the city square
Op-ed: With speakers determined not to make any mistakes and a prime minister standing behind bulletproof glass, Sunday's right-wing protest was very different from the angry demonstrations we saw in the past.
(12:49 ,03/16/15)
Netanyahu, tragic hero of 2015 elections
Op-ed: For all his in-depth surveys, for all his electoral experience, Netanyahu doesn't understand the extent of his problematic nature in the eyes of the electorate; maybe he simply is incapable of understanding.
(23:19 ,03/13/15)
Secret document reveals Netanyahu's lack of credibility
Op-ed: If it's legitimate to reveal the gap between Obama's rhetoric on Iran and the concessions Kerry made on his behalf, it's legitimate to reveal the gap between the prime minister's rhetoric and the major concessions he offered the Palestinians.
(00:00 ,03/09/15)
Netanyahu's mistake was trusting Abbas
Analysis: An Israeli and a Palestinian, each sent by their respective leaders, held years of secret talks summarized in an August 2013 document showing far-reaching Israeli concessions; but while Netanyahu dispatched his most trusted aide, Abbas was playing a different game.
(23:49 ,03/06/15)
Netanyahu's top priority is elections, not Iran
Analysis: Instead of garnering the Democratic members' support in order to torpedo the Iranian nuclear deal, the prime minister's Congress speech only served to alienate them.
(23:25 ,03/04/15)
Netanyahu speech will be tested by its effect on Iran deal
Op-ed: It doesn’t matter how many times Congress members interrupt the prime minister's address with applause; if nothing changes in the terms of the nuclear agreement with Tehran, all he has done is fly 9,000 kilometers and return with a Churchill bust.
(12:52 ,03/03/15)
Netanyahu's speech - historic or hysteric?
Op-ed: Most Congress members don’t know much about foreign policy, but they do know politics; they will assume it's Netanyahu's performance in the polls and not Iran that brought him over at this time.
(12:35 ,03/02/15)
In Israel, leaders aren't ousted for shameful conduct
Op-ed: A prime minister doesn’t have to be an exemplary figure, but he should be expected to know how to lead. That's what Netanyahu should be given a failing report card for, not for the way his household is being run.
(00:26 ,02/19/15)
Rawabi's dried-up pipe could land Israel in deep water
Op-ed: There are quite a few ways to explain to the world why uninvolved people were killed in Gaza or why Jews are allowed to settle in an occupied territory; but there is no way to explain why Israel is preventing a Palestinian city from receiving water.
(12:07 ,02/17/15)
The road to corruption is paved with good intentions
Op-ed: The attorney general's attempt to improve the distribution of coalition funds is similar to a decision to improve a bank robbery preparation process.
(15:00 ,02/09/15)
Benny Gantz says goodbye to term as head of IDF
Analysis: Head of Israel's armed forces leaves office in just over a week, after a term in which region fell apart and Islamic terror groups seized swathes of neighboring states. But man whose final summer of service included abduction and murder of three Israeli teens and subsequent war in Gaza has learned a vital lesson about his compatriots' fighting spirit.
(00:29 ,02/08/15)
The genie in Netanyahu's bottle
Op-ed: The only public issue in the Sara Netanyahu affairs is to what extent her behavior affects the prime minister's decisions and performance; and why is he complaining about a political conspiracy instead of dealing with reality?
(11:06 ,02/02/15)
Revenge for Quneitra strike isn't over yet
Analysis: After Hezbollah's attack Wednesday, the IDF hoped that a chapter had ended: We did our thing, they exacted their revenge. As far as Hezbollah is concerned, that may be true. But whoever thinks Iran will settle for that is living in a dream world.
(23:47 ,01/29/15)
Netanyahu's gift to Iran
Op-ed: Decision to concoct US trip behind administration's back has put prime minister up against Democrats in both houses of Congress and some of Republicans, reducing chances of stepping up sanctions through legislation. And how has Naftali Bennett turned into Israel's acting prime minister?
(00:32 ,01/27/15)
Netanyahu's dangerous deal with the Republicans
Op-ed: The American Republican Party is intervening in our elections, and in return an Israeli party is intervening in their politics. They are helping our prime minister beat his rivals here, and he is helping them humiliate their president there.
(00:42 ,01/23/15)
An operational hitch or a flaw in decision making?
Analysis: Jihad Mughniyeh and the Iranian general killed in Sunday's strike will be replaced by others. Israel has allegedly brought upon itself the next string of terror attacks, in the Golan or in the heart of Israel or in Jewish centers abroad, without gaining a thing.
(00:44 ,01/22/15)
Israel Land Authority: A huge, rotting swamp
Op-ed: Speaking against corruption or making promises to reduce housing prices is easy. Next government must put an end to funding of affiliated institutions and put state lands on sale to the public.
(09:11 ,01/22/15)
Paris saw the mother of all rallies
Op-ed: About two million people took part in the 'Republican march' in order to clarify their value system to the world. Even if it fails to generate a global campaign against jihadist terror, this unique rally has at least restored the French people's self-confidence.
(11:10 ,01/12/15)
When Paris mourns
Analysis: The French are not grieving the murder of four Jews; they are grieving the murder of their values, afraid of losing something which is very important to them. The Jews are only marginal players in this affair
(12:15 ,01/11/15)
State of Israel vs. one famous thief
Op-ed: The State Prosecutor's Office should be pursuing today's criminals, not those who have already been caught and convicted and have paid their debt to society.
(21:29 ,01/05/15)
Will Shas survive 2015 elections?
Analysis: Haredi parties are based on an impassioned hard core and don't usually disappear. Shas is different, and after the events of the past few weeks, it is facing an uncertain future.
(12:23 ,12/30/14)
State prosecutor in Netanyahu's service
Op-ed: Request to postpone trial involving former caretaker at prime minister's residence has nothing to do with elections or legal proceedings; it has to do with one woman: Sara Netanyahu.
(15:01 ,12/29/14)
The radical rabbis pulling Uri Ariel's strings
Op-ed: Construction minister's religious leaders chose to secure their place in the Knesset, perhaps even in the government, with the votes of people who don't share their views.
(00:08 ,12/23/14)
Politicians talk about Judaism, but neglect Israelis
Op-ed: Instead of preaching 'Jewish values,' a responsible political system should focus on how to make the eight million Israelis living here – Jews and non-Jews – feel safer, more satisfied and prouder of their country.
(00:43 ,12/16/14)
Netanyahu's self-defeating matchmaking
Analysis: Herzog and Livni, if the polls are to be believed, have created a force to be reckoned with; but their true tests are still ahead of them.
(00:16 ,12/14/14)
This election will be a race to 20 Knesset seats
Analysis: Convinced that only one party can reach magic number required to form next government, both Lapid and Herzog are wooing Livni; meanwhile, Lieberman is making a play for center and Dov Khenin is preparing to take his leave of Knesset.
(09:06 ,12/06/14)
Netanyahu is blaming Israeli voters for his inability to rule
Op-ed: If the prime minister says he is incapable of controlling a government without a large Likud faction, how will he lead the next government? From Netanyahu's point of view, another government led by him is a chronicle of a foretold failure.
(15:43 ,12/03/14)
When the government committed suicide
Analysis: The third Netanyahu government was not killed by an ideological dispute, an unusual failure or a popular protest. It died because of mutual loathing, because of the prime minister's nonperformance, because it lost its way.
(00:27 ,12/03/14)
Has Netanyahu stopped functioning or is it all an act?
Analysis: The prime minister has had enough of his partners, and has had enough of the rules of the game. He has entered a state which psychologists may define as close to manic depression.
(00:41 ,12/01/14)
Lies, paranoia and superstitions
Op-ed: Before complaining about the incitement and falsehood culture on the Palestinian side, we should take a look at what's happening on our own side.
(21:05 ,11/24/14)
The 10 quiet years are behind us
Analysis: From one isolated incident to another, we've got ourselves an intifada on our hands, which is threatening to be as fatal as the two previous ones, both for us and for them. There are no winners here – only victims.
(12:05 ,11/19/14)
When Netanyahu changes direction, it means elections are coming
Analysis: When elections emerge, prime minister feels an unconquerable urge to appeal to most radical voters – and to hell with reforms he supported, principles he believed in and commitments he made to his government and foreign governments.
(01:05 ,11/18/14)


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