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Photo: MCT
Netanyahu’s unforgivable statement in White House meeting
“Don’t grovel,” Britain’s newspapers advised their prime minister, Theresa May, ...
(12:01 , 02.16.17 )
Photo: EPA, AFP
First Netanyahu-Trump meeting will focus on Iran, not Gaza
On the eve of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to Washington, for his ...
(16:17 , 02.12.17 )
Photo credit: Knesset Spokesperson
What the comptroller doesn’t understand about the Security Cabinet
Sometimes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right and the state comptroller ...
(23:44 , 01.29.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Which Jerusalem will Trump recognize?
The balls are over; the dazzling dresses have been returned to the fashion ...
(18:06 , 01.23.17 )
Photo: AFP
Umm al-Hiran: The tragedy is just beginning
“You see the two Baggers up there?” Yasser Abu al-Qiyan asked. There were two ...
(11:18 , 01.19.17 )
Photos: Alex Kolomoisky, AFP
Netanyahu-Mozes affair: Everyone is a suspect
Everyone is a suspect: The prime minister, who—according to the ...
(15:25 , 01.12.17 )
Photo: AP
It’s not just about Bibi’s cigars
Proper disclosure: I know Arnon Milchan. We went to elementary school together, ...
(12:39 , 01.11.17 )
Photo: AP
Elor Azaria’s real enemies
Sergeant Elor Azaria’s list of enemies is long. He doesn’t understand it yet, ...
(18:56 , 01.05.17 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
The public has the right to know
The statement issued Monday night by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit avoids ...
(11:01 , 01.05.17 )
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg
Not a child, a soldier
“An 18-year-old man is not everyone’s child or a baby who has been taken ...
(15:28 , 01.04.17 )
Photo: EPA
Kerry’s failure, Netanyahu’s liberation
There were moments when it seemed like one of the debates between Hillary ...
(11:54 , 01.02.17 ) 
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Netanyahu has sown the wind, Israel is reaping the whirlwind
The blow that the United Nations Security Council dealt to Israel on Friday will ...
(22:26 , 12.25.16 )
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg
More and more land, less of a state
There are two arguments in favor of the battle waged by the Amona outpost ...
(23:45 , 12.19.16 )
Photo: ADL
The pro-Israel racists
Andrew Breitbart lived, died and was buried as a Jew. In 2007, during a visit to ...
(13:42 , 12.16.16 )
Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO
Netanyahu, Israel’s one and only
“Netanyahu has become a dangerous person,” says a man who is very familiar with ...
(23:33 , 12.11.16 )
Photo: GPO
Netanyahu is playing with fire
US Secretary of State John Kerry had the privilege of delivering the closing ...
(15:28 , 12.05.16 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Swimming in the prime minister’s aquarium
Members of the joint committee of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense ...
(21:23 , 11.28.16 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Follow the lawyer
As I write these words, on Wednesday evening, there is no evidence so far ...
(23:43 , 11.24.16 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
The Amona crisis is pure deception
The Amona crisis was born in sin and will die in sin. The state’s request from ...
(21:35 , 11.14.16 )

Photo: Dana Kopel

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