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Photo: Reuters
Keep religion out of politics
Religion and politics are a dangerous mixture. Always. In Israel, as well as in ...
(16:45 , 02.22.17 )
Photo: EPA, AFP
Trump-Netanyahu meeting will end with no final product
We have a friend in the White House, for the moment. An unstable, Twitter-happy ...
(11:59 , 02.14.17 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
The government’s psychological wall
The wall phenomenon is familiar to anyone who has ever tried running a marathon. ...
(23:29 , 02.08.17 )
Photo: AFP
How can Israelis oppose US embassy move to Jerusalem?
Jerusalem has not been Israel’s capital since the 1990s, at least not in the ...
(23:16 , 01.27.17 )
Photo: AFP
Israel’s wild south
The Umm al-Hiram story should begin with the rule of law, with the court’s ...
(22:45 , 01.23.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Where is Israel headed? Probably nowhere
On the sidelines of the Netanyahu-Mozes investigations, another peace conference ...
(23:37 , 01.17.17 )
Photo: Reuters
The day after the prime minister’s investigation
There is no choice but to reach the conclusion that something is rotten in ...
(11:36 , 01.12.17 )
Photo: EPA
Stop whining, start building
I grew up in a generation in which a “proper Zionist response” was building, ...
(10:03 , 12.31.16 )
Photo: EPA
Who’s afraid of the right-wing US ambassador?
Dan Shapiro arrived in Israel as the US ambassador in the worst period in terms ...
(23:28 , 12.29.16 )
Photos: Emil Salman, Reuters
If you want to be like Trump, go all the way
I am in favor of Benjamin Netanyahu ruling like Donald Trump. If it gives him ...
(09:14 , 12.17.16 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Breaking the Silence has no place in education system
Universities are a liberal habitat. The air that education breathes is the ...
(16:57 , 12.12.16 )
Photo: AFP
IDF’s job is to win, not to be a gender equality school
Let’s begin with good news for Zionist feminism: Women are incorporated in ...
(10:15 , 11.23.16 )

Photo: Amit Magal

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