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Photo: Reuters
Trump’s Iran deal speech: A recipe for a regional explosion
Israel didn’t wait for US President Donald Trump’s “indictment” against Iran. ...
(17:19 , 10.15.17 )
Photo: EPA
A hopeless reconciliation agreement
During reconciliation talks in Cairo, Hamas was asked to present the Palestinian ...
(23:52 , 10.13.17 )
Photo: AP
Israel-Iran conflict in Syria reaching point of no return
The open conflict taking place between Israel and Iran on Syrian soil is ...
(10:31 , 10.08.17 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
What if a war breaks out tomorrow morning?
The public report about the IDF’s security perception and force building, issued ...
(19:57 , 09.26.17 )
Iran missile test: Nuclear deal’s rotten fruit
Why does Iran need a heavy, one-stage, inaccurate missile, with a liquid fuel ...
(14:40 , 09.24.17 )
The Egyptian maestro and his Palestinian marionettes
The most fascinating part of Hamas’ “strategic turnabout” is the marionette ...
(11:27 , 09.24.17 )
Photo: AFP
If North Korea can do it, so can Iran
If North Korea, according to the images it is published and according to ...
(08:37 , 09.23.17 )
Photo: EPA
Israel’s missed opportunity with Sunni states
The window of opportunity allowing Israel to become part of an Arab-Sunni axis ...
(23:43 , 09.13.17 )
Syrian regime caught in catch-22 with 'Israeli' strike
Whoever issued the order early Thursday to attack one of the complexes of ...
(10:19 , 09.10.17 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Exercises are important, but war is the real test
When the IDF flexes its muscles on the northern border and talks about defeating ...
(23:33 , 09.07.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Decades-long Jerusalem activity going down the drain
Last weekend, when Israel removed the metal detectors from the Temple Mount ...
(23:40 , 08.02.17 )
Photo: AFP
Behind the scenes of a resounding Israeli failure
The Waqf’s decision on Thursday to resume prayers at the Temple Mount has not ...
(10:30 , 07.31.17 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Israel looking for a way out of crisis without compromising pride
A fool threw a stone in a pond, and a thousand wise men are now trying to repair ...
(19:07 , 07.23.17 )
Photo: Elad Gershgoren
Sailing after the money
One of the more curious and perhaps more serious aspects of the submarine affair ...
(19:53 , 07.18.17 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
How did massive defense deals slip under the public radar?
When the names of all the people questioned under caution in the submarine ...
(19:26 , 07.11.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Israel a key player in Syria ceasefire deal
Without Israeli involvement, it’s very unlikely that the ceasefire agreement in ...
(19:29 , 07.09.17 )

Photo: Avigail Uzi

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