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Photo: AP
Who is an Israeli? One who succeeds
From time to time, we wonder who is an Israeli, who is a Jew, what is a nation. ...
(14:40 , 03.21.17 )
Photo: Haim Zach, GPO
In his attempt to threaten elections, Netanyahu lost his deterrence
It’s been a long time since we saw had a consensus here. Apparently, when the ...
(12:05 , 03.20.17 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Erdan’s alternative facts
It was hardly a surprise when the following details were revealed: That the ...
(23:31 , 02.26.17 )
Photo: Moti Milrod, Haaretz
Take the sentence and run, Elor Azaria
Take the sentence and run, Elor Azaria. Embrace it with both hands and get as ...
(10:34 , 02.22.17 )
Photo: Reuters
After his magical meeting with Trump, real life awaits Netanyahu
If there was a way to monitor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mental state ...
(23:33 , 02.19.17 )
Photo: AFP
Trump pulled the rug of excuses from under Netanyahu’s feet
There is no argument over the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got ...
(16:38 , 02.16.17 )
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu conveniently throwing his wife under the bus
One must admit that Arnon Milchan has a strong stomach. In his testimony to the ...
(17:41 , 02.12.17 )
Photos: AFP, Kobi Gideo/GPO
Netanyahu and Trump: A relationship based on flattery and groveling
Our favorite sport recently is to try and guess—based on the past few weeks—what ...
(23:40 , 02.07.17 )
Photo: Gil Nehushtan
Only the Right can evacuate settlements
"Hooligans"—that was the word used by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on ...
(11:08 , 02.05.17 )
Is the media to blame for Netanyahu’s irresponsible tweet?
He has no shame, Israel’s prime minister. No shame and not an ounce of ...
(10:14 , 01.31.17 )
Photo: Amit Shabi
The modern blood libel against Benjamin Dreyfus
The tragedy of the Umm al-Hiran evacuation, and the way in which everyone—from ...
(23:45 , 01.22.17 )

Photo: Avigail Uzi

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