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Photo: Motti Kimchi
Kahlon’s sweet revenge
Nothing should have surprised us in Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s new plan, ...
(18:28 , 04.19.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Why is Netanyahu ignoring Spicer’s Holocaust denial?
It isn’t hard to imagine what would have happened had the American president ...
(21:32 , 04.13.17 )
Photo: EPA
Israelis may be gloomy, but it’s not the media’s fault
An industry of gloom—that’s what Benjamin Netanyahu called the Israeli media on ...
(23:17 , 04.05.17 )
Photo: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO
Netanyahu is still looking for an excuse to go to elections
The farce that had taken place before our eyes for weeks, known as the Israel ...
(11:18 , 04.04.17 )
Photo: AP
Who is an Israeli? One who succeeds
From time to time, we wonder who is an Israeli, who is a Jew, what is a nation. ...
(14:40 , 03.21.17 )
Photo: Haim Zach, GPO
In his attempt to threaten elections, Netanyahu lost his deterrence
It’s been a long time since we saw had a consensus here. Apparently, when the ...
(12:05 , 03.20.17 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Erdan’s alternative facts
It was hardly a surprise when the following details were revealed: That the ...
(23:31 , 02.26.17 )
Photo: Moti Milrod, Haaretz
Take the sentence and run, Elor Azaria
Take the sentence and run, Elor Azaria. Embrace it with both hands and get as ...
(10:34 , 02.22.17 )
Photo: Reuters
After his magical meeting with Trump, real life awaits Netanyahu
If there was a way to monitor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s mental state ...
(23:33 , 02.19.17 )
Photo: AFP
Trump pulled the rug of excuses from under Netanyahu’s feet
There is no argument over the fact that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got ...
(16:38 , 02.16.17 )
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu conveniently throwing his wife under the bus
One must admit that Arnon Milchan has a strong stomach. In his testimony to the ...
(17:41 , 02.12.17 )
Photos: AFP, Kobi Gideo/GPO
Netanyahu and Trump: A relationship based on flattery and groveling
Our favorite sport recently is to try and guess—based on the past few weeks—what ...
(23:40 , 02.07.17 )
Photo: Gil Nehushtan
Only the Right can evacuate settlements
"Hooligans"—that was the word used by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on ...
(11:08 , 02.05.17 )
Is the media to blame for Netanyahu’s irresponsible tweet?
He has no shame, Israel’s prime minister. No shame and not an ounce of ...
(10:14 , 01.31.17 )
Photo: Amit Shabi
The modern blood libel against Benjamin Dreyfus
The tragedy of the Umm al-Hiran evacuation, and the way in which everyone—from ...
(23:45 , 01.22.17 )

Photo: Avigail Uzi

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