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Photo: Liron Shneider and Ariel Efron
Resisting BDS pressure, Radiohead rocks out in Tel Aviv
Dazzling some 47,000 Israeli fans with lighting resembling a spaceship from a ...
Raz Shechnik (12:58 , 07.20.17 ) 
R.E.M. lead singer supports Radiohead's Israel performance
Michael Stipe—lead singer of R.E.M.—published a message on his Instagram account ...
Ami Friedman (23:21 , 07.17.17 )
Guns N' Roses slays Tel Aviv
Guns N' Roses played a sold-out show Saturday night in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park, ...
Ynetnews (10:07 , 07.16.17 ) 
Yorke defends Radiohead's Tel Aviv concert
Thom Yorke continues to defend Radiohead's decision to play in Tel Aviv's Yarkon ...
Ami Freidman (23:18 , 07.12.17 )
Photo: Reuters
Guns 'N Roses extends Tel Aviv show, angers religious fans
A gesture from Guns N' Roses to Israeli fans has raised ire among those who ...
Raz Shechnik (12:59 , 07.11.17 )
Pro-Palestinian protest at Radiohead concert earns middle finger
Pro-Palestinian activists waved flags and banners protesting Radiohead's arrival ...
Ami Friedman (23:56 , 07.08.17 )
Photo: AP
The Pretenders are heading to Israel
The Pretenders will arrive on September 23 to perform at the Menorah Mivtachim ...
Lior Mor (22:18 , 07.08.17 )
Photo: Ido Erez
It's Britney, neshama: Spears wows crowds in Israel
Love her, hate her, say what you want about her, but audiences crammed into Tel ...
Gahl Becker & Ami Friedman (23:16 , 07.03.17 ) 
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Britney Spears does not seek Bibi, cancels PM meeting after raucous Western Wall visit
Pop icon Britney Jean Spears landed early Sunday morning in Israel. By evening, ...
Yoni Froim, Ran Boker (23:12 , 07.02.17 ) 
Photo: Moti Lavton
Britney Spears arrives in Israel
Britney Spears, the princess of pop, landed Sunday morning for the first time in ...
Efrat Vachtel (16:49 , 07.02.17 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Tom Jones entertains, but doesn't thrill
Thousands of fans in the average age range of 50-70 arrived Wednesday at the ...
Yifat Manos (18:27 , 06.29.17 ) 
Photo: Mark Von Holden
Israeli singer marks Jerusalem unification with UN performance
Israeli singer Sarit Hadad says she is proud of being afforded the opportunity ...
Ran Boker and Itamar Eichner (20:30 , 06.27.17 ) 
Photo: Shuka Cohen
Pop icon Mariah Carey in Israel to promote Premier Dead Sea products
Pop icon Mariah Carey has been selected as the new presenter for Premier Dead ...
Ynetnews (17:13 , 06.27.17 )
El Al flight crew gives toxic Britney performance
Next week, Britney Spears will board an El Al flight from Hong Kong on her way ...
Gilad Carmeli (19:24 , 06.25.17 ) 
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Rod Stewart duets with Israeli singer Rita in Tel Aviv concert
Rod Stewart made quite an entrance on Wednesday night as he took the stage at ...
Raz Shechnik (16:14 , 06.15.17 ) 
Photo: AFP
Former stone-thrower brings music to Palestinian youth
As a boy, Ramzi Aburedwan found himself caught up in the First Intifada, a ...
AFP (17:59 , 06.09.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Roger Waters defends BDS, says Yorke misinterpreted his intentions
After Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke slammed BDS's attempts to cancel their ...
Ami Friedman (18:00 , 06.06.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Bryan Adams coming to Israel
The international stars parade to Israel is not slowing down. Yedioth Ahronoth ...
Raz Shechnik (21:16 , 06.02.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Lil Wayne to perform in Israel
Lil Wayne, one of the most successful rapers in the US in recent years, is ...
Ami Friedman (22:57 , 05.20.17 )
Photo: ABACA
Bar Refaeli to feature in duet in Aerosmith concert
Fans who have purchased tickets to the renowned rock band Aerosmith’s concert in ...
Raz Shechnik (14:42 , 05.17.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler lands in Israel
Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, landed in Israel on Saturday together ...
Ami Friedman (23:19 , 05.13.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons will appear in Israel
Frankie Valli and the veteran pop band The Four Seasons will be in Israel for ...
Ami Friedman (22:02 , 05.13.17 ) 
Photo: AFP
Italy, Portugal lead the pack as Kiev hosts Eurovision final
Italy and Portugal are the frontrunners going into the final of the Eurovision ...
Reuters (16:56 , 05.13.17 ) 
Photo: EPA
Israel through to Eurovision final for 3rd consecutive year
KIEV— After performing the final song in the second semi-final on Thursday ...
Amit Cotler (09:49 , 05.12.17 ) 
Watch: Britney Spears delivers special message to Israel
Ynet (17:54 , 05.09.17 ) 
Photo: Yaron Berner
Baby, baby, baby—Oh no! Not now! Haredi woman goes into labor at Bieber concert
Like tens of thousands of other fans who swarmed Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park for the ...
Ran Boker (22:02 , 05.04.17 )
Is it too late now to say Bieber's in Israel?
Thousands of teenagers broke through barricades into the site of Justin Bieber's ...
Ran Boker and Ami Friedman (19:01 , 05.03.17 ) 
Photo: Tom Marshak
Israeli Arab singer ‘honored’ to perform at Memorial Day ceremony
The American Airlines Arena, Miami’s main entertainment venue, was packed. Some ...
Itay Ilnai (23:29 , 04.28.17 )
Photo: Getty Images
Roger Waters and BDS target Radiohead over Israel concert
Several artists and musicians signed an open letter calling on Thom Yorke and ...
Ami Friedman (11:27 , 04.25.17 )

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