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'Hello? Wake up!' Election Day gets a remix
Israel's king of remix Noy Aloooshe released a new video on Tuesday to celebrate ...
Photo: Getty Images
Bar Refaeli to judge Israel embassy in Washington's video contest
After US-Israel relations suffered a blow when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ...
Itamar Eichner
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Facebook to add 'I voted' button for Israeli elections
Facebook announced Wednesday that it will offer Israeli users a feature which ...
Ehud Kenan
Facebook removes Hamas news page with 2.7 million likes
Facebook removed on Tuesday the page of Hamas' news agency Shehab, after Israeli ...
Itamar Eichner
Photo: AP
Bob Simon of CBS News dead at 73 in NYC car crash
Veteran CBS News correspondent Bob Simon, whose decades-long career included ...
Photo: Shaul Golan
VIDEO: Americans try out Israeli snacks
We're all well aware by now of BuzzFeed's affinity for intermingling culture and ...
Daniel Koren
Sky News airs Gaza war images during Holocaust segment
While the BBC was asking its viewers whether it was "time to lay the Holocaust ...
Itamar Eichner
Photo: AP
BBC asks if it's time to stop talking about Holocaust
As Auschwitz survivors returned to the infamous death camp to mark the 70th ...
Daniel Koren
Photo: Associated Press
Charlie Hebdo issue sells out in Israel
The controversial special issue of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was ...
Meirav Crystal
Video: Rudolf and the Conflict
Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter ...
Amit Cotler  
Photo: EPA
Israeli book seller cancels Charlie Hebdo launch event
MK Masoud Ganaim (Ra`am-Ta`al-Mada) warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on ...
Hassan Shaalan
Photo: Shutterstock
Israeli Facebook page camouflages sponsored content
Almost every Israeli on Facebook has seen "Statusim Metzayitzim" (Tweeting ...
Photo: Associated Press
Israeli video remix king becomes player in election campaign
One of the most unlikely stars of Israel's election campaign is a musical artist ...
Associated Press
Photo: Amit Shaabi
Google returns to the streets of Israel
Google is returning to photograph the streets of Israel in order to update its ...
Yisrael Wolman
Photo: Shutterstock
One-third of Israeli couples met online in 2014
Israelis spend about 50% of their free time on the Internet and approximately ...
Yisrael Wolman
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Iran film portrays Prophet Mohammed, drawing
Associated Press
Richard Gere to film in Israel next week
Amir Bogen
Jon Voight: Obama doesn’t love Israel
Natalie Portman joins campaign for poor Israeli
Telem Yahav
Chuck Norris praises Netanyahu in anti-Obama
Amir Bogen  

Arts & Culture
Israeli magician 'floats in air'
Gilad Morag  
Israel Museum's jubilee: 50 years of
Israel Prize in literature dropped due to row
Aviel Magnezi
Cartoon artist says Denmark attack changed
Associated Press
Hamas stops Palestinian novelist from attending
Anav Silverman, Tazpit

Opera comes to a famed Jerusalem market
The Media Line
Dionne Warwick coming to Israel in May
Raz Shechnik
Israeli singer Noa threatened for election
Ami Friedman
Dave Gahan in Israel for son's wedding
Ran Boker  
Israel protests Hungary's Eurovision entry
Itamar Eichner

The Buzz
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning Israel
Raz Shechnik
Bar Refaeli gets engaged to Israeli businessman
Kardashians seeking Tel Aviv home
Ofer Petersburg
Shia LaBeouf converts from Judaism to
Ashley Baylen
Tom Hanks dances 'dressed like a rabbi'
Ashley Baylen  


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