Online Egyptian magazine says Ashkenaz Jews speak a language all their own

Egypt’s Hebrew website

News website stresses commitment to truth; articles, editorials say Israeli society racist, chauvinistic

TEL AVIV - Arab Ambassador, the online version of the Egyptian magazine al-Safir, has now launched a Hebrew version, offering Israelis a sneak-peek at what concerns Egypt's intellectual elite and a chance to learn what our southern neighbors really think of us.


At first glance the online magazine seems a bit naive, as though it was written in Hebrew in an effort to bring the countries closer together. But a closer look at the content, especially the opinion pieces, proves that yet another tool has been provided to the opposers of peace in the Middle East.


On the one hand, the magazine declares that it does not advance any specific political viewpoint and promotes dialogue among all people.


"Only objectivity and truth have a place in our newspaper, and we welcome all opinions," the website says.


However, Ashraf Gabar, the magazine's editor-in chief and CEO, is quick to refute such notions, saying the magazine's Hebrew version does not necessarily serve as a call for dialogue with the "Zionist entity."


"Our position is clear: We are not interested in holding talks with the Israeli side so long as it continues to rob Arabs of their rights," he says.


A parody?


The magazine also deals with internal Israeli issues, and one of its articles claims Ethiopian and Sephardic Israelis are deprived.


"The Ashkenazi, the Jews who came (to Israel) from Western Europe, do not belong to one race. Their common denominator is their white skin," the article says. "They speak a language of their own and are appointed to top positions in Israeli society."


But after reading the Hebrew version editor's column, in which he claims the manner in which ultra-Orthodox Jews treat women projects on Israeli society as a whole and that "such a society would never be able to serve as a good example for Arab countries who respect women and treat them as people with equal rights," one cannot help but wonder whether the website is just a prank, or some sort of parody.


Sometimes it can be hard to tell.


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