Photo: Gabi Menashe
Sudoku now on Ynetnews: Stress your brain out on us!
Photo: Gabi Menashe

Sudoku craze sweeps world

Newspapers, puzzle fans, mathematicians offer links, tips, advice and support for Sudoku-crazed gamers; you can even play on your mobile phone

Perhaps it will be a flash in the pan (albeit a huge one), like Rubik's Cube. Perhaps it will obtain the longlasting appeal of crossword puzzles. Perhaps newspapers, groping for a way to keep and entertain readers, will overdose on it.


Whatever the future, Sudoku is with us now. Here is a sampling of the media, mathematical and cultural frenzy surrounding the numbers puzzle game, now appearing on Ynetnews:


Science News attempts to explain how to play the game, and how Sudoku works.


Daily Record of Glasgow, Scotland, claims to have figured out how to solve Sudoku.


Play Sudoku on your smart mobile phone in the U.S.


Sudoku craze hits India.


Wanganui Chronicle in New Zealand adds Sudoku.

Serious software to download for Sudoku help.


Anti-Sudoku backlash (after every trend is a counter-trend, no?) in the ever au courant Guardian newspaper.


Business news columnist in India ruminates on the game's appeal (in English, don't worry).


University of Queensland, Australia, mathematics professors offer Sudoku tips.


Writer for quasi-intellectual American news magazine website Slate confesses to Sudoku fever.


More Sudoku-related links:



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