Photo: Meir Partush
Israel's Yoav Gat celebrates 200-meter backstroke win
Photo: Meir Partush
Photo exhibit of past Maccabiahs in Tel Aviv
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Maccabiah day 1: Swimming records set

Brian Goldberg of U.S. world's fastest Jewish swimmer at 51:06 in 100-meter freestyle; Israel's soccer team triumphs



Israel's Yoav Gat came from behind in the 200-meter backstroke, cutting 3 seconds off his previous best result, and marking a new Maccabiah record of 2:02.66.


Israel's Iti Chema did not give Gat much of a fight, clocking 2:05.72 to come in second.



Israel's Daniel Medved, 17, won the 200 meter butterfly race in 1:58.15, topping Israel’s record-holder Erez Peren (2:01.31), and improving the Maccabiah record by 5 seconds, setting an international peak time in Israel.


But who are the fast Jewish swimmers in the world?


Brian Goldberg, a 22 year-old American, won the 100 meters in 51.06 seconds, three hundredths of a second in front of Israel's Shai Livnat, almost an entire second ahead of the U.S.’s Scott Goldberg (52.40), who has twice won Olympic gold medals.


Aniya Gostmlasky of Israel is the fastest female Jewish swimmer (57.62 in the 100 meters), while Danit Kama of Israel easily won the 200 meter backstroke in 2:18.36. Israel's Tom Barry took the 200-meter breaststroke in 2:19.27, while American swimmer Rebecca Samuch won the 200-meter butterfly race.


Asala Halaj from the Israeli-Arab town of Sakhnin had the last word in the 200-meter women’s breaststroke competition, winning with a time of 2:46.93.




Israel’s national soccer youth squad finished in a 1-1 draw against South Africa, with a goal by Ori Paso of Hapoel Jerusalem. The A side overwhelmed the U.S. team 3-0, and the B team finished with a comfortable 4-0 win against South Africa.




The Judo competition will begin in two days, and the focus will be on Argentine world champion Daniella Krukover's match against Israel’s Alice Schlesinger.


The games’ human story comes with Eliham Zakif, 25, of Azerbaijan, who is blind and has arrived in Israel for medical treatment in the Eynaim medical center. Zakif lost his sight during his country’s civil war, met with Israel’s first Olympic medalist, judoka Yael Arad.






100-meter freestyle, Men

Brian Golderg (USA) 51.06 seconds

Shai Livnat (Israel) 51.09

Scott Goldberg (USA) 52.04


(During qualifiers Goldberg set Maccabiah record of 50.96)


100-meter freestyle, Women

Aniya Gostmalasky (Israel) 57.62 seconds (Maccabiah record)

Maya Finkler (Israel) 58.05

Fayton Johnson (USA) 59.24


200-meter breaststroke, Men

Tom Barry (Israel) 2:19.27

Dani Malnik (Israel) 2:19.82

Danil Velez (USA) 2:20.98


200-meter breaststroke, Women

Asla Halaj (Israel) 2:46.93

Lorane Fox (USA) 2:47.14

Rebecca Samuch (USA) 2:48.71


200-meter backstroke, Men

Yoav Gat (Israel) 2:02.66 (Maccabiah record)

Iti Chema (Israel) 2:05.72

Yehoshua Hafkin (USA) 2:07.59


200-meter backstroke, Women

Danit Kama (Israel) 18.37 (Maccabiah record)

Sigal Simsolo (Israel) 2:22.87

Fayton Johnson (USA) 2:25.14


200-meter butterfly, Men

Daniel Medved (USA) 1:58.15 (Maccabiah and international record)

Erez Peren (Israel) 2:01.31

Max Yeven (USA) 2:03.18


200-meter butterfly, Women

Rebecca Samuch (USA) 2:21.37

Yarden Sar (Israe) 2:22.21

Sari Mizri (Israel) 2:22.22


Soccer (Men)

USA-Holland, 2-0

Uruguay-Sweden, 2-1

Israel-South Africa, 1-1

Germany-Italy, 6-1

Denmark-Great Britain, 2-2


Soccer (Women)

Israel-USA 1-1


Indoor Soccer (Men)

Argentina-Serbia-Montenegro, 14-1

Mexico-Holland, 2-2

Finland-Turkey, 3-2

Russia-Israel, 3-1

Australia-Great Britain, 4-3

Brazil-Italy, 19-4

Belgium-Hungary, 2-0



USA-Australia, 31-10

South Africa-Great Britain, 19-19


Softball (Men)

Mexico-Israel, 10-2

USA-Canada, 14-2


Softball (Women)

Israel-Canada, 5-1

USA-Argentina, 14-2


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