Sellers, security forces clash at Kfar Maimon
Photo: AP

Disengagement from the ground up

Resourcefulness of IDF commanders will get army through pullout

During the disengagement's initial 48 hours, not a single case of insubordination was documented among “first circle” forces. Alarming forecasts of massive insubordination proved exaggerated.


On the contrary: As settlers radicalized the tone, the determination of security forces increased.


We can’t take it for granted. Most evacuating forces are not organic: These units are comprised of career soldiers from various units. Some oppose pullout, though the majority is for it.


A strong sense of camaraderie


Interestingly, the clashes at Kfar Maimon united soldiers despite differences. Some will regret leaving these units and returning to previous assignments. None will be sorry when the evacuation is completed. Yet, it will be a shame to bid goodbye to the guys.


This unity is not a function of IDF’s self-acclaimed training routine of past weeks or the army’s mode of action.


The operation termed “Brotherly Hand, ” which included serving settlers with eviction notices, turned into unexplained insistence and, in many cases, an opportunity for these solders to be publicly humiliated.


Tactless assignments such as “deliberation” resulted in tongue lashings by runny-nosed youngsters.


Yet, forces on the ground rose to the occasion despite the upper echelon’s misjudgment.


Disengagement starts today. It will be completed.


Experienced mid-rank officers will carry out the pullout from Gaza; they know the mission has to be carried out to completion. They share a strong sense of camaraderie.


The resourcefulness of division and battalion commanders salvaged the army in the past. It will do so again when the IDF must carry out expressly non-military assignments.


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