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Scene of July 7 London terror attack
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Holocaust blamed for terror in UK

Committee’s suggestion to cancel Holocaust Day due to Muslim feelings of alienation is offensive

Britain has found those guilty for the London bombings: the Jews. Or, more specifically, the six million Holocaust victims.


The Sunday Times reported that the committee appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to “decrease the level of Muslim extremism” in the UK has advised him to cancel Holocaust Day, which is remembered by most European countries on January 26.


Why? Because Holocaust Day only deals with the suffering of the Jews while completely ignoring the Muslims’ plight, thus instilling a sense of “alienation” within the Muslim community.


So, according to the proposal, the commemoration of the Holocaust is guilty of the terror attacks carried out by these same frustrated Muslims; therefore, Holocaust Day must be canceled to appease them.


Even if Blair does nor accept the committee’s conclusions, the very fact that this discussion is being held and the suggestion presented by these so-called “experts,” some of whom are devout Muslims, is scandalous and must be scornfully rejected.


British media ignored Holocaust conference


Truth be told, the Muslims were not involved in the annihilation of Europe’s Jews, and their only connection to the Holocaust is a Muslim division that was set up in the framework of the S.S. by Jerusalem’s Mufti (spiritual leader and judge) Haj Amin al-Husseini.


However, further analysis shows the Brits themselves are not particularly linked to the Holocaust either, as their approach to the genocide has remained ambivalent. As the only country that fought in World War II without being conquered, Britain has never endured the horrors of the German occupation (even though it was heavily bombarded). This may be the reason why British citizens dot not know how to deal with this awful subject.


The fact that the first British conference on the Holocaust was held only in 1988, or 43 years after the war had ended, is proof of the county’s disregard for the matter. Notably, the conference itself was a private initiative of then-media mogul Robert Maxwell and his wife Elizabeth.


As someone who attended the conference, I can testify to the fact that the British media hardly covered the event, which attracted hundreds of professors, researchers and religious leaders from all over the world.


The UK’s somewhat alienated approach to the Holocaust can also be attributed to the fact that unlike other European countries, including Germany, Britain has not drafted a law against ant-Semitism or against the use of Nazi symbols. This is why Prince Harry can dress up in “Wehrmacht” attire, swastika and all, and London Mayor Ken Livingstone can repeatedly come out with derogatory statements against the Jews.


But this awkward approach to the Holocaust and the absence of laws cannot justify the foolish and offensive suggestion raised by Blair’s “experts,” who have succumbed to Islamic terror at the expense of the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.


Noach Kliger is a columnist for Yedioth Ahronot newspaper


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