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Police during London terror attacks
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Genocide day

Muslim demand to cancel Holocaust Day in UK poses threat to Western values

The committees appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair following the July 7 terror attacks to deal with the escalation of radicalism are expected to present their findings to the British government on Thursday.


One such committee has proposed to cancel Holocaust Memorial Day and replace it with Genocide Day, which would recognize the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths.


The political atmosphere in Britain has changed considerably since the attacks, and the government has changed its policy, which until now has offered a paradise for radical Islamic groups and individuals. Strict legislation has been introduced to battle extremist activities in mosques and Imams who until now had freely distributed poison and hatred and threatened the nation’s security. The media are increasingly calling out against Britain’s devotion to multiculturalism.


The U.K. has also seen a rise in anger and suspicion toward the Muslim minority, especially since it became known that those who carried out the attacks were products of the local Muslim communities. Blair’s statement that the from now on the immigrants “will have to play by our rules and lifestyle” also reflects the current mood in the U.K.


A spokesman for the British Muslim community assumed that the rage would subside if he would lower his profile and promise to locate and come out against the local jihad nests. But the day of moral reckoning he promised did not come, especially as his statements were coupled with proposals of a clear anti-Semitic nature.


Unique event in European history


The British Muslims claim Holocaust Memorial Day is racist because it only marks the Jewish Holocaust; they regard the Genocide Day proposal as a chance to mark the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir as well.


Moreover, revisionist Muslim historians not only compare Israel’s conduct toward the Palestinians with the Nazi’s acts during the Holocaust, they also claim the European Muslims are victims of a Holocaust. Their claim is based on the perpetration of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, according to which the Jews and their supporters control the Middle East, Britain and the U.S. and they influenced Blair to send troops to Iraq.


The British home secretary has already stated that that he would not concede to the Muslim demand to cancel Holocaust Memorial Day, but offered to search for alternative ways to calm the Muslims’ rage.


The British media, for their part, are criticizing the Muslims’ demand, but the local Jews are forced to work hard to gain the recognition that the Holocaust was a horrible and unique event in European history.


U.K. Jews and other groups realize that the radical Muslim forces are becoming more sophisticated in their demands and will not be defeated easily. The attempt to change, or even annul the national Holocaust Memorial Day is a symptom of extreme pathology that has been influencing the Muslim world for the past 25 years.


This is a threat not only on Israel and British Jews, but on the values of Western society as a whole.


Professor Robert Wistrich has researched Muslim anti-Semitism and radicalism in Britain for the Shalem Center


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