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Stalinist madman: Kim Jong Il
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No reason to fear U.S.: Iranian nuclear experiments
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Nukes for every dictator
Recent agreement with North Korea bodes badly for Israel
The commentators were out in force this week to praise the United States' agreement to disarm North Korea from its nuclear weapons.


"Fantastic success for American diplomacy," said one writer. "International gain," crowed another.


One even said the agreement was a "blessing" for Israel.


But even on first reading, it seems we are talking about an agreement that is nothing less than scandalous, that ranks up the level of threat to the entire world and especially to Israel perhaps.


Can't trust a dictator


North Korea is no "customer" with whom one signs an agreement. The country is headed by Kim Jung Il, a Stalinist dictator with zero credibility who cannot be trusted to fulfill any commitment.


It's amazing how countries such as China, South Korea and Japan have fallen into North Korea's trap.


Most of the criticism should be directed at the ever-changing U.S. foreign policy towards what President George W. Bush once called the "axis of evil."


From zero tolerance to European pussy-foot


Bush has gone from a tough, "zero tolerance" policy with regard to the Iraqi and Afghani dictatorships during his first term to pussy-foot, European policies, submissive to North Korea, Iran, and Syria the second time around.


During his first term, Arab and Islamic dictators trembled with fear at the thought of American might.


Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, for example, was quick to forego his nuclear program following the American invasion of Iraq.


But today, it is clear to terror-exporting countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Iran that America is no longer a dangerous foe.


The more clearly these countries understand this, the worse things are going to get for American troops in Iraq, who currently face a terror offensive conducted by remote control, in part from Tehran and Damascus.


Clear lessons


But the agreement with North Korea is even worse than all that. In exchange for Pyongyang's "concession" to forego its nuclear option, the United States declared it would not attack or invade North Korea, the world promised financial help, and dictatorial madman Kim's position is secure.


The lesson to Arab and Islamic dictators is clear: If they want to remain in power, they must develop a nuclear program.


A nuclear option is the best way to ensure continued rule, ward off a U.S. attack, and to get international aid, not to mention honor and recognition.


This is the only possible conclusion one can make from this scandalous agreement, and it has been duly interpreted in Damascus, Tehran, Cairo and every other Arab capital.


And so international efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons could actually lead to their spread, particularly in our region.


It is not too late, in light of North Korean violations and complete lack of good faith to cancel this agreement and return to the previous "zero tolerance" policy to dictators, until the threat has disappeared.


The stick, not the carrot. And if this is not done immediately, the people who praised the North Korea agreement will be very, very sorry.


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