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Terror attack in Stage club in Tel Aviv
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Photo courtesy of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Top terrorist Louie Sa'adi killed by IDF in Tul Karem
Photo courtesy of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
IDF kills leading Islamic Jihad terrorist
IDF says it has killed leading terrorist Louie Sa'adi, released as part of Tenenbaum deal. Army says Sa'adi behind series of terror attacks, including suicide bomb attack at Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv, bombing of Netanya shopping center

IDF forces on the border with Gaza have raised their level of alert following the killing of Islamic Jihad commander Louie Sa'adi in Tul Karem on Sunday.


The IDF warned terror organizations will try to avenge incidents in the West Bank through mortar and Qassam attacks on Sderot and the western Negev. At this point, no additional troops were sent to the area.


Palestinian terrorists responded to the killing of Sa’adi with wild threats. Islamic Jihad chief in Damascus, Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, promised revenge that would "shake up" Israel in response to the killing of Sa'adi, who he described as the "a great leader with a unique military capability." He added that Sa'adi's death would not harm Islamic Jihad, which he said would recover from the difficult blow.

"There's no doubt that the killing of Sa'adi brings us to a new point, and we must carry out a series of attacks against Israel, within the Green Line," said an Islamic Jihad member.


"There's no doubt that the killing of Sa'adi brings us to a new point, and we must carry out a series of attacks against Israel, within the Green Line," said an Islamic Jihad member.


The organization also said all contact with the Palestinian Authority on prolonging the period of calm would not prevent them from responding. A Gaza Islamic Jihad activist said the group would not rush to fire mortar shells from the Strip, but that the response would be in the West Bank and within Israel.


Islamic Jihad spokesman in Gaza, Abu Abdullah, vowed that his organization would revenge the death of Sa'adi.


"Our revenge will be unprecedented. The Israelis will pay a heavy price," he said.


Earlier, the IDF has announced Louie Sa'adi, a senior Islamic Jihad member in Judea and Samaria, has been killed by the army on Sunday in Tul Karem.


The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades also vowed to revenge the killing of its members, and said their response would not be limited by time or location.


Palestinian negotiations chief Saeb Erekat condemned the IDF's anti-terror operation in Tul Karem, saying it endangers the period of calm.


A Duvdevan IDF force entered Tul Karem on Sunday evening in order to carry out a number of arrests aimed at the terror infrastructure of the Islamic Jihad.


At a certain stage in the operation, an armed Palestinian opened fire at the force, lightly injuring a soldier. He was evacuated and received medical treatment.


The IDF force returned fire and killed the gunman, a senior Fatah member. Fire was also opened on the force from an alleyway, and the army returned fire, killing a second gunman.




When the army searched for the body of the terrorist in the alleyway, they were unable to locate it.


Later, at a house in which wanted terrorists were suspected of hiding out, IDF forces began destroying the structure, and the body of the terrorist was found there. He was apparently able to walk to the house before succumbing to wounds.


The IDF identified him as wanted terrorist Louie Sa'adi. He was found with a Kalashnikov, handgun, magazine clips, and an explosive device.


The operation lasted all night, and an explosive device was also thrown at the IDF force. There were no injuries among army forces, and no damage was reported.


At the same time, six wanted Palestinians were arrested by security services.


History of murder


Sa'adi was responsible for a string of murderous terror attacks recently, and was planning further attacks.


He was arrested in 1999, and released in January 2004 as part of the Tenenbaum deal with Hizbulla.


Among others, Sa'adi was responsible for the suicide bombing attack on the Stage club in Tel Aviv last February, in which five Israeli civilians were murdered and many others injured, the suicide bomb attack by the Sharon Shopping Center in Netanya, in which five Israelis were murdered and dozens were injured, the attempted terror attack in Shevi Sharon, and the attempted car bomb attack near the settlement of Mavo Dotan.


Sa'adi tried to help three suicide bombers infiltrate Jerusalem, and in recent days has tried to carry out deadly attacks in Israel.


'Bravery made mission possible'


"A sad holiday and weekend in Israel, and an imminent terror attack has been averted," brigade commander Colonel Aharon Haluva told Ynet after the operation."

"We have been working against this infrastructure for a few months. This is the most complex infrastructure in Samaria, which has the blood of many Israelis on its hands, more than any infrastructure," he said.


"When we set out for the operation, we didn't know what we would find exactly, and we didn't know fore sure that Sa'adi would be there. We knew there was a meeting of senior Islamic Jihad and we acted," said Haluva, adding: "This is a major blow to the infrastructure, which has the will to carry out attacks. There are other activists in the organization, and we'll get to them too and arrest them. The determination and bravery of our fighters is what made this operation successful."


The IDF left Tul Karem on Monday morning following the end of the operation.


Ali Waked and The Associated Press contributed to this report


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