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Riots in France
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Islam is the problem in France
France has allowed its Muslim problem to fester for 30 years

A response to French Ambassador to Israel Gerard Araud


Sorry Ambassador Araud, but I reject your argument on this page last week that the riots that gripped Paris, and other cities around France for much of November, are "not an intifada."


Araud's contention that "This was no ‘Muslim Revolt, but rather riots by young people who suffer from discrimination" simply fails to reflect reality. It's a bit tough, really, when the facts tell a different story.


First of all, because almost all the rioters (In France, for some reason they are called 'rebels') are Muslims from Arab countries or Muslims from Africa, and there is no question their rebellion must be seen in religious-ethnic terms, not as a result of discrimination.


This can be easily proven: Members of other ethnic minority groups, also victims of discrimination, take no part in the riots. For example, there are large Chinese and Vietnamese minorities in France, each with a great deal of poverty and unemployment.


Mr. Ambassador, as France's official representative, you act in concert with your "bosses" back in Paris. They, too, try to avoid the true problem: the Islamization of France and Islam's fight with the West.


For some 30 years, French authorities have tried to ignore the problem, as if this will help it solve itself. 30 years, since "immigrant cities" cropped up on the outskirts of Paris and other cities and quickly became ethnic strongholds governed by Muslim gangs and mafia. The French have done everything in their power to underestimate the threat posed by these ex-territorial areas that even the SRS - French police special forces, known for their toughness - are afraid to enter.


Thus, France has allowed fanatic Muslims to win over more and more souls, and to create a "state within a state."


Not one French government, not on the Right and not on the Left, has addressed this problem correctly - if at all. Even the few attempts at school integration failed: Turns out residents of the immigrant cities don't necessarily want their children to be integrated.


These are the facts, and no amount of "explanations" by French officialdom will blur them.


The main failure, and this must be said openly, is that everyone has been afraid to clash with the problem called "Islam." In a country where 10 percent (at least) of the population is Muslim, this is reasonable: That's a huge voting bloc, and in any event, the French, including the media, have always felt, "It won't happen here."


Go ahead, Mr. Ambassador, say it again: "This is no intifada." Of course not. At the end of the day, it's no more than a massive wave of destruction that has already taken one life and left hundreds wounded, including police and fire fighters.


In 20 days of rioting, more than 10,000 cars were destroyed, and dozens of public buildings were sacked. But Intifada? What are you talking about?


Now, the riots have died down. At least until the next time. And in the meanwhile, French officials can continue to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the true problem.


First published: 11.23.05, 09:36
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