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    Doctor, doctor, my penis is too small!
    Top Israeli doctors and sexologists answer reader questions about penis enlargement and viagra alternatives
    I am 22, I’ve had a girlfriend for the last year. My sexual performance is fine, but I think my penis is too small. I’ve seen all kinds of ads for penis-enlargement treatment. Is this a good thing to do?


    According to Dr. Gil Raviv, a urologist at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer, and Gila Bruner, a certified sex therapist at the

    hospital's Center for Sexual Medicine, the answer is absolutely clear: No way!


    Penis enlargement is appropriate only in extenuating circumstances when the penis is less than 5-7 centimeters when erect and is probably due to an extremely rare congenital genetic disorder. This measurement must be taken manually by a urologist, as most men do not know how to measure the penis correctly.


    Don’t be tempted by the ads promising penis enlargement. You should know that penile enlargement is liable to cause serious side effects, such as a crooked penis, scarring, and loss of sensation. Some "treatments," such as walking around with a splint on the penis for several hours a day in order to “stretch” it have no basis in medical fact.


    In addition, both the American and European Association of Urologists consider penis enlargement surgery to be in the category of clinical trials. There is still no proof that they work.


    I am a 48-year old widower. I am seeing a woman who is my age, but I am afraid to tell her that I have weak erections. Our relationship is very good on an emotional level, but I would like to use something other than Viagra without her knowing it. What do the experts recommend?


    Dr. Zvi Zukerman, a senior gynecologist, expert in andrology, and certified sex therapist from Petah Tikva, says men are not limited to Viagra to treat weak erections.


    "When a man does not want to tell his partner about treatment for problems with erections, I suggest injections in the penis, which can produce results in a relatively short time. The man learns to inject drugs that cause a strong erection that lasts about a half an hour. This method was developed to treat men who suffer from decreased ability to have an erection, and it later turned out that it was also good for treating premature ejaculation.


    "Injecting the drug into the penis creates a prolonged erection, which generally remains even after ejaculation. This artificial erection makes it possible to have sex for an extended period, and gives the man’s sexual partner the opportunity to reach orgasm during penetration.


    When a man is with a new partner and does not want her to know about his problem, the injections can be used without telling her, and she is liable to think that the sex is natural and spontaneous, without unusual intervention. However, this is not a perfect solution or a permanent solution, since without the injections, the problem will recur.


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