Photo: Ofer Amrm
Atiya. Identified terrorist
Photo: Ofer Amrm
Photo: Ofer Amram
Evacuation of wounded from scene of the blast
Photo: Ofer Amram

Eyewitnesses recount horror

Witnesses to Monday's terror attack in Netanya share terrifying accounts of their experiences

As in the previous Netanya bombings, the suicide bomber in Monday's attack blew himself up outside the town's central mall, after security officers prevented him from entering the shopping area.


One of those security personnel, 40-year-old pregnant policewoman Shoshi Atiya, was at the scene when the terrorist exploded.



Atiya, who was hospitalized at

Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, recounted the moments of horror she experienced.


"A passerby approached me and said that he had detected a suspicious person. I looked at the suspect and saw a tall, blond, good-looking man holding a big black bag."


"I saw him coming from Herzl Street and cross to the other side, while holding his hand inside his bag. We started to pursue him with the police car, and he started running," Atiya said.


"One of the mall's security guards grabbed him by the shoulder. I yelled, 'let go of his shoulder and take hold of his arm,' because I saw he was holding it inside the bag. I hoped we would be able to catch him, but before the security guard had a chance to do something, the man exploded," she added.


Atiya said that this was her seventh time she had witnessed a terror attack, and stated she was convinced she would be able to identify the terrorist in photos.


White smoke, objects flying in the air


Another eyewitness to the attack, 48-years-old Ronny Friedman of the neighboring community of Kfar Yona, was evacuated to the Meir Hospital suffering from dizziness.


"I was standing at the sidewalk across from the mall when I saw someone running in front of me, and before I could tell what was going on, there was a big blast. There was a lot of white smoke, objects were flying in the air. I saw a wounded woman and tried to reach and help her, but I simply couldn't, I felt nauseated and dizzied," he said.


"It is a terrible feeling that I was not able to help, but I just couldn't do anything," he added.


Suham Dana, 61, from Kfar Yona, was also visiting the mall when the blast occurred. Her husband Saadya, who came with her to Meir Hospital, spoke to Ynet.


"Just when we were leaving the store I heard a big boom. My wife collapsed and I went to call for help, and then saw all the people who had been killed and the mayhem. I took her to the post office where my son works, and from then we rode by ambulance to the hospital," he said. 


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