Photo: Dudu Vaaknin
'We encountered harsh resistance.' Injured officer at hospital
Photo: Dudu Vaaknin
Photo: Amir Cohen
Amona clashes
Photo: Amir Cohen

Injured officer: Amona settlers called us Nazis

Border Guard officer injured lightly during Amona clashes says from Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital, 'we encountered harsh resistance; settlers acted with force similar to that of IDF infantry unit. We are not the enemies of the people at Amona'

The story of the Amona evacuation has become that of the soldiers and police officers injured in the violent clashes at the illegal West Bank outpost on Wednesday.


Yisrael, a Border Guard officer hospitalized at Jerusalem's Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital after stones thrown in his direction at Amona resulted in a fracture to his right arm says "We arrived at the outpost and there was a huge gathering of youths, woman and men.


"We encountered harsh resistance. They acted with force similar to that of an IDF infantry unit. They proceeded to throw stones at us at the entrance to the outpost. These weren't stones, they were boulders; one got passed our shields and struck my hand," he says.


Another Border Guard officer is sitting by Yisrael at the hospital, weeping uncontrollably with fellow officers trying to calm him down.


"We are not the enemy of the people at Amona," Yisrael continues.


'Police officers were just doing their job'


"They (settlers) called us Nazis and expellers of Jews. I carried out the government's decision; I came to carry out a mission and I intended on seeing it through with resolve. I would like to go back there, to all my friends, but I don't see it happening."


Assia Grima, 19, an Ethiopian immigrant, barricaded himself at Amona as early as Sunday. He arrived at the hospital before noon with a broken hand.


"There were many head injuries there; people were hit with clubs," he says.


"I myself was struck by a police officer's club, but some of those on our side also acted inappropriately and threw stones, but most of the guys just barricaded themselves in the homes. Some wanted to leave Amona but were prevented from doing so and were beaten. Anyone in the area was beaten indiscriminately."


Grima adds, "From my standpoint, this government is not a government. A court order means nothing to me; I act according to the laws of the torah and I am willing to sacrifice myself.


"I was born in Ethiopia and I was banished from there because I'm Jewish, and this is exactly what they are doing now in Israel. Those who acted violently against the security forces were wrong to do so. I am in favor of protest, but not by force. The police officers were just doing their job; those who really deserve a beating are (Acting Prime Minister) Ehud Olmert and the court."


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