Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Disengagement Authority Head Yonatan Bassi
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

Bassi: Evacuees compensated NIS 1.34 billion

Ministerial disengagement committee meets ahead of state comptroller’s report, discusses progress of absorption of families evacuated from Gaza, northern Samaria

The Ministerial Committee on Disengagement Affairs, headed by Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, presented Tuesday its accomplishments in the treatment of Gush Katif and northern Gaza evacuees.


The meeting took place just hours before State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss was due to publish his annual report, which will address the failures in dealing with the evacuees, among other topics.


The committee heard various surveys regarding programs for evacuee absorption. Disengagement Authority head Yonathan Bassi reported that evacuated families were compensated a total of NIS 1.34 billion (about USD 285 million).


Education Ministry Director General Amira Haim told the ministers that “a satisfactory solution was found for every student and teacher in the education system.”


The Welfare Ministry and Disengagement Authority detailed the treatment of hundreds of families.


During the discussions, the ministers approved the transfer of NIS 10 million (about USD 2.1 million) for hotel accommodations for families who have not found housing solutions yet. The ministers also decided to transfer an additional NIS 15 million (about USD 3.2 million) to the budget of the local Councils that absorbed former settler families.


According to data provided by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, 1,800 evacuees are already employed, 800 have been directed to new work places, 450 are receiving professional training, and 100 have opened private businesses.


Settlers maintained communities


1,300 out of 1,700 families asked that their communities be relocated en masse and the state, in cooperation with the settlers, has managed to find permanent housing solutions for their resettlement, Bassi said.


Bassi informed the ministers about a plan to expand the community of Nitzan by 442 plots.


“Many public buildings will be built, such as kindergartens, day cares, synagogues and more. In another area, north of Ashkelon, we plan to build 420 permanent homes, and in Ashkelon itself, about 180 people are living in rented homes,” Bassi said.


Bassi detailed the authority’s plans: “In Nitzanim 1,000 plots will be allotted for permanent housing, 250 in Yad Benyamin, 113 in Ein Tzurim, 26 in Mavki’im, 49 in Bat Hadar, and 52 more in Talmei Yafa, Or Haner and Mifalsim. In Amatzia, Shomria and Shakef 133 families will be absorbed, and in southern Negev settlements Halutzit, Yated and Yavul 287 families will be absorbed.”


Additional settlements that will house evacuees are Kibbutz Yad Hannah, Bustan Hagalil, Magen Shaul and Avnei Eitan, Bassi said.


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