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Neturei Karta in Iran

Ahmadinejad's friends

Lunatic Jews who visited Tehran must have dressed up as rabbis for Purim

Five crazy Jews traveled to Iran Monday to show support for another lunatic, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Apparently in honor of Purim, they dressed up as rabbis.


They shook hands with the madman of Tehran, in support not only of his calls to destroy Israel, but also of his frequent Holocaust denial.


If I hadn't read the words of this group of Neturei Karta folks myself, I would never have believed that a Jew, even an insane one, would have had the gumption to utter such frightening, libelous statements against his own brethren – against the millions who were slaughtered by the Germans, simply because they were Jews, and against the all the women, children and elderly who choked to death in gas chambers or were shot at point-blank range into self-dug graves.


Holocaust manipulation?


How could five extremists support Holocaust denial and completely close their eyes to the hundreds of thousands of Jews, haredim (ultra-Orthodox) like them, whose faith failed to save them?


Their claim that "the Zionists have manipulated the Holocaust" also doesn't hold, for the mere fact that Ahmadinejad claims the Holocaust was a fictitious invention of the Jews, intended to bribe the world. That is to say, by voicing their support, these clowns have lent their support to the opinion that the Holocaust never happened.


The group also claims that "What the Zionists are doing with the Holocaust angers the Arabs, who bear no guilt for the what the Europeans did to the Jewish people." But there is a fundamental contraction here: either there was no Holocaust, as Ahmadinejad says, or there was a Holocaust, but it is a European-Jewish issue that is unrelated to the Arabs. But what do fanatics care about logic?


Arabs and the Holocaust


And lest I remind here that there was, in fact, a connection between the Arabs and the Holocaust. As far as I know Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was both Arab and a fervent supporter of Adolf Hitler. He not only visited Hitler and spoke to him many times; he also established a unit of Arab volunteers to assist the S.S. in its work.


By the way, it's not only the Holocaust denier in Iran these lunatics support. They also support David Irving, the Briton who was recently sentenced to three years imprisonment for Holocaust denial.


In my opening paragraph I wrote that these men had dressed up as rabbis. I'll tell you why I think so: As a Jew, whose roots lead to Auschwitz and as a direct descendant of Rabbi Yonatan Eibschitz and Rabbi Shlomo Kliger, I simply refuse to believe that rabbis could act and speak in the manner of these Jewish Holocaust deniers.


Jewish history has known no shortage of vile lunatics such as these men. It has vomited all of them out.


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