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Israel Valas
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Ultra-Orthodox riot over father's arrest
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Grandfather: Dead baby 'slightly shaken'

Father of Orthodox man charged with abusing his 3-month-old son to death, says in interview, 'he swayed him a little, it's all from God'

Zion Valas, father of Israel, accused of abusing his young son to death, has launched a campaign to defend his son.


"The real version of the family is that very simply he loved the child. He swayed him a little. Maybe. He (the child) fell from there. He received a blow, and God controlled what came out of that. Everything is from God and we receive it all from love. We must deal with what happened," said Zion Valas, father of the yeshiva student suspecting of abusing his son to death.


He admitted that his son, Israeli Valas, "swayed" the child "a little, until he fell from his hands.


Last week, Ultra-Orthodox demonstrators burned garbage cans in Jerusalem and blocked roads on Friday, renewing unrest caused by their demand to free an ultra-Orthodox father, suspected of beating his son and killing him.


Crews from the Jerusalem Municipality who arrived at the scene to remove the blocks said they were attacked with stones and were forced to leave the area. Luckily, no one was injured.


'Father is broken'


In an interview with the Haredi Voice, a news service for the ultra-Religious public, the grandfather says he visited his accused grandson in detention in the Russian Compound area in Jerusalem a number of times.


"Externally he looks good. The same, but a little more white. But when one starts talking to him, he's completely broken," he said.  


The interviewer asked the grandfather whether "he still believed last week that a campaign is being run against your on?"


"A campaign against my son? Of course," said the grandfather.


"In the press it was said that your grandson had a birth defect, do you know of such a thing?" the interviewer asked.


"It wasn't a defect. There is no such thing. He had something in his neck. They (the doctors) said defect. At first they said it was a head defect. They enlarged it from every direction, it wasn't a defect at all. It is not written in the birth report at all," said the grandfather.


The interviewee refrained from directly supporting or condemning the riots by Ultra-Orthodox demonstrators.


"The riots were not supported by the rabbis. When I was asked whether to demonstrate, I referred them to the rabbis. We, the family, did not take part in the demonstrations. I did not hear rabbis say to go out. If they had, I would have gone out," he said.


Valas added that the family sides with his son.


"He did not kill his son under any circumstances. The media is distorting everything. There is no claim that he killed his son in the police case. There is no claim. They are only talking about negligence. From the first moment I knew it was a blood libel," Zion Valas charged.


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