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Bushehr facility
Photo: AFP
Aerial image of Iranian nuclear reactor
Iran: We'll build more reactors
Iranian energy minister says USD 200 million allocated to building new nuclear reactor
Iranian Energy Minister Parviz Fattah said that the Iranian parliament allocated USD 200 million for the construction of a nuclear reactor, the Iranian ISNA news agency reported.


Fattah said that "the energy ministry plans on constructing a nuclear reactor, this is the need of the country. The details regarding the reactor will be provided shortly."


"The process which we started in the field of electricity production will lead to a future in which we will depend both on gas and liquid fuels for the purpose of producing energy," he said.


Fattah added that for now, no additional details would be given about the new reactor.


On Monday, the Iranian energy minister said that his government agreed to the construction of four reactors to create electricity in northwest
Iran. He said that in the meantime, construction on two cores would begin this year already, with an investment of over Euro 800 million, through the help of investment companies.


Iranian government spokesman Gholam Hussein Elham said at a press conference in Teheran on Tuesday that the government allocated over USD 200 million for the completion of the nuclear reactor in Bushehr, which will cost a total of USD 800 million.


Iranian National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani said that the budget was "meant to speed up the work."


On Sunday, Larijani said that "the strategic aim of Iran is nuclear ability and we will use every means in order to realize that. We have today nuclear knowledge and we must expand it."


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