Security teams at community
Photo: Amir Cohen

Katyusha kills 30 chickens

Grad-type Katyusha Rocket carrying six kilograms of explosives fired Tuesday morning at western Negev community of Nativ Haasara strikes chicken coop, killing thirty hens, damaging community's greenhouse

A Katyusha rocket fired Tuesday morning at the western Negev community of Nativ Haasara struck a chicken coop, killing thirty chickens, and damaging the community's greenhouse.


The rocket fell on a hilltop opposite one of the coops belonging to a resident. Shrapnel struck the coop facing the hilltop and the adjacent greenhouse. A pipe bringing water to the coop was also hit.

Chicken house hit by rocket at Nativ Haasara (Photo: Amir Cohen)


IDF sappers arrived at the scene after the rocket fell in order to check the type of rocket. Following an investigation the IDF determined that the rocket fired was a Grad-type Katyusha rocket.


The Katyusha rocket, initially thought to be a Qassam, which was launched from the rabbles of the evacuated community of Dugit, is 122 millimeter in diameter and carried 6 kilograms of explosives (13 pounds).


Emergency services were dispatched to the area and residents of Nativ Haasara were asked to be vigilant.


Improved rockets


This is the third time terror cells launch this type pf rocket at Israel. The first attack took place on the day of the National Elections, when a Grad rocket landed south of Ashkelon. The second strike took place several weeks later.


In a recent defense establishment discussion, former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz referred to the Katyusha issue as a serious threat and assessed that this kind of attacks will continue.


The IDF believes the terror groups in the Strip are in the possession of between 20 to 30 such Katyushas. However, some of these are improvised, short-range rockets.


"We will continue our operations against the rockets," Southern Command officials said Tuesday. "The accelerated activity that began about two and-a-half months ago will continue in full speed. We are already seeing results, and will stop only when the aggressors say 'enough!'."


Uneasy atmosphere


On Monday, Qassam rocket fire was identified in the Nativ Haasara region, but no rocket landing spot was located. The current incident is joined by a previous attack on the community and an uneasy atmosphere can be discerned among residents, who say they feel the Qassams increasing, and are unable to get respite from IDF shells as well. The gloomy mood is apparent despite the protective measures installed recently.

Rocket's landing site (Photo: Amir Cohen)


During the morning Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades said its members fired a Katyusha rocket at Ashkelon. At this stage, there is no confirmation of the message from any Israeli source.


Terror cell struck


On Monday, the Air Force attacked a vehicle carrying a cell of terrorists apparently on its way to fire Qassam rockets at Israel. Four Palestinians belonging to Islamic Jihad's al-Quds Brigades were injured – one of them critically. Minutes after the attack, the Red Dawn alert system identified a firing of a rocket at the western Negev.


Abu Hamza, a spokesman for the Islamic Jihad military wing, said that his organization would respond with force to the targeted strike. "The Zionist enemy should expect more rocket fire and more responses from the organization and other resistance organization," he said.


An IDF source told Ynet that "the operation proves that we did not take our foot off the gas, we are continuing operations against the entire Qassam network, from the manufacturing system and to the launching. Whoever is involved in the sector is liable to be hit," the source said.


Ali Waked contributed to this report


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