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Kosher Shavuot, even in Ukraine
New dairy kosher treats, especially for Shavuot, are now available in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Kashrut Committee, based in Donetsk, has arranged for the production of several new dairy goods especially for

The 'Delikatesnaya Brynza' and the 'Bolgarskaya Brynza' cheeses are sure to please consumers wishing to keep the laws of Kashrut.


Just as the other dairy products issued by the Ukrainian Kashrut Committee, this product is made from 'Chalav Isroel' milk and is produced in an ecologically-clean region of Ukraine under the supervision of religious Jews on staff with the Kashrut Committee.


The especially-delicious 'Delikatesnaya Brynza' cheese is sure to be a treat with pieces of cheese and olives combined in a hot-flavored marinade and packed into a glass jar.


Apart from producing cheese, the Ukrainian Kashrut Committee regularly produces a series of other kosher dairy products that are available to Donetsk Jews and may be made available to other cities in the country.


These items include sour cream, Bio Kefir, Bio Ryazhenka, two different types of yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, cheese cream, Hollander cheese, cheddar cheese, ice cream, concentrated milk and milk in tetra-pack.


While all of these goods are issued on a regular basis, they will be produced in greater amounts especially for the holiday of Shavuot.


Reprinted with permission of FJC


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