Debauchery, not minority
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Postpone the march, for the sake of peace

The Gay Pride parade is not about minority rights. It is about accepting sexual debauchery

The struggle over the public domain in the State of Israel has continued for decades, and it nourishes the religious-secular split in Israeli society.  


In essence, this march is a provocative attempt to enflame our splits and arguments – the question I would ask is: For how long?  


Let's set aside the halachic (Jewish law) reasons for banning this march, and concentrate instead on the internal logic of the organizers of this bizarre procession. Why must they demonstrate?  


If they say they are a minority population, and that the march is mainly a public relations exercise – we must say in response that their essential essence is PR that rests on debauchery, sexual abandon and even a loss of personal control.


United message 


In recent years it comfortable for supporters of this march of folly to say they were struggling against the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community, and looking for public support – because as everybody knows, fights with haredim are the ticket to high ratings. Even better if you can get some haredi to throw a rock or two.


This year, all three religions have banded together to oppose the march, essentially saying that it is not only in contrast to Judaism, but also the other two religions as well. Such cross-religious unity sends a clear message that this march is inhumane.


Unique Jerusalem


I sometimes get angry with my colleagues who are fighting the Jerusalem parade. The struggle must be against the march at all, but the capital of the Jewish people plays no part in the discussion.  


My answer to those who ask why Jerusalem shouldn't have gay pride events like other cities do is that some things are above debate. The mark of a believer is the ability to accept things that are beyond his ability to understand.  


The centrality of Jerusalem to the Jewish people is higher than human ability to understand; therefore, this city should be left out of any game that stands to hurt so many people.  


Daily march of love


Jerusalem is home to a march of love every day of the year - three times a day, in fact. Hundreds of thousands of people take part every day, as they make their ways to synagogues around the city to pray morning, afternoon and evening prayers. 


True, few people have ever heard of the march, but everybody feels it. The power of this march has protected the Jewish people for thousands of years, especially when they had no country, army, logo or national anthem.  


The issue has become the basis for mutual accusations between different sectors. I know well the blindness of David and Jonathan, and some of the things said by anti-march protesters were probably out of line. 


A little clarity



It is important to me to clarify that this struggle by a tiny group to gain recognition from the majority is the struggle to turn perversion into a norm. I can already hear the shouts denouncing me, but sorry – if we were talking about something normative, there would be no conflict. Social perversions should be kept in the dark, not put on display for all to see.



I don't hold out much hope for those promoting this terrible idea. I do turn to those who want to support the march to think about the childhood story about the pied piper. Don't follow pipers who are trying to use you for public relations for their Sodom carnival. We are better off trying to solve your welfare, education and personal security issues. Don't allow yourselves to become clowns in their theatre of the absurd.



And to you, the organizers: I know it will be hard for you to give in to the three religions, or alternatively, to preserve peace in Jerusalem. I have one suggestion for you: Say that because IDF soldiers are currently bogged down in combat, and two Israeli cities have become non-stop targets for Qassam attacks – and more than anything, there is a family from Mitzpeh Hila that hasn't seen their son for two weeks – you've decided to postpone the march indefinitely).



I hope this is good enough for you.


MK Yakov Margi is the head of the Shas Knesset faction Yakov Margi


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