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Patriot in Tel Aviv during Gulf War
Photo: AP

3 Patriot batteries stationed in Haifa

IDF deploys anti-ballistic missiles in town for fear Hizbullah may step up strikes against Israel

The IDF has stationed three Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries in Haifa Saturday, aimed at intercepting missiles launched at the area. Two of the batteries were deployed Saturday morning, and the third one was placed in the area in the afternoon.


Patriot missiles were stationed across the country for the last time in 2003 during the Iraq War.

Patriot batteries in Haifa (Photo: Hagai Aharon)


The American-made Patriot batteries are part of Israel’s antiaircraft defense system. The Patriot system, which was initially designed to serve as an air defense platform, later assumed the role of an anti-ballistic system. The Patriot is still in use in Israel, and the country simultaneously continues to develop the Arrow missile aimed at intercepting ground-to-ground missiles fired at the country.


IDF sources said that the batteries’ deployment is the result of “an evaluation of the situation,” and confirmed they were placed in Haifa in wake of the current confrontation on the northern border.


The army is aware that in light of the developments in the operation, Hizbullah may employ different means in order to target Israel’s home front. “In addition to the long-rang rockets Hizbullah possesses, it may also use explosive drones or any other weapon,” a senior officer said.


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