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Soldiers in Lebanon
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Iran's attack on Israel has begun

Israel's war of self-defense in southern Lebanon is a response to an Iranian Shiite fanatical attack on the Israeli people

A sampling of foreign media coverage of the war on the Israeli-Lebanese border indicates that the international press has, once again, missed the story unfolding in the Middle East.


Hizbullah's rockets continue to pound Israeli cities, towns, and villages, creating a wave of Israeli refugees fleeing the north.


The displaced northerners can be seen all over Tel Aviv: They are families, young people, and children, all searching for accommodation and a place to rest.


The constant attacks by Hizbullah are creating daily, heart wrenching tragedies. Israelis are being killed and injured after trying to take cover from rocket barrages, or for simply going to work.


And there are the daily chilling air raid sirens which test the nerves. They signal yet another brutal Hizbullah assault on the civilian population centers of northern Israel.


Firm Israeli determination


Despite the hardships though, the Israeli people are almost unanimously united in their backing of the military's efforts to defend them, and their support for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


A firm determination is shared by nearly all of the people of this country to see this war through until the aggressors to the north are dealt with.


There is, however, a very serious twist to this war: It is no secret that Iran is using Lebanese territory as a frontline zone for an assault on northern Israel.


The terrorist organization of Hizbullah, which began this conflict with a completely unprovoked act of aggression, the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, is only part of the problem.


Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the fanatical Shiite regime in Tehran have created a mini-state in southern Lebanon.


Hizbullah's attack on Israel was given a green light in Tehran because Iran's official ideology, based on a fundamentalist Shiite theology, calls for the wiping out of Israel and a wave of attacks designed to establish global dominance of Shiite Islam.


"Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 (2005) will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world, The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world," Ahmadinejad declared last year, six days after being appointed president of Iran, as rockets continued to flow into southern Lebanon.


Hizbullah controlled by Tehran


Ahmadinejad sincerely believes that his role on earth is to herald in a period of apocalyptic warfare to annihilate non-Shiite Muslims, and usher in the "return" of the twelfth imam, signaling the end of time and supreme rule of Shiite Islam.


The Shiite southern Lebanese Hizbullah state, the Iranian proxy entity, is being armed, funded, and controlled by Tehran via remote control, to directly serve this end.


This is why a high number of Arab heads of state, from Egypt through to Saudi Arabia, have blasted the Hizbullah – Iranian axis of aggression against Israel. Sunni Saudi Arabia, no great friend of Israel, is frightened by Iran's attempted takeover of the region.


Meanwhile, like a virus, the Shiite Hizbullah state is draining its host, Lebanon, of stability, security, and sovereignty.


Using human shields  


Since Israel evacuated southern Lebanon six years ago, an act of good faith made by a hopeful neighbor striving for peace and respected international borders, Iran has sent in its Quds (Jerusalem) Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to provide Hizbullah with tens of thousands of rockets, missiles, and automatic weapons.


The Iranians and Hizbullah have spent over half a decade preparing for this war, and any illusion that it suddenly began out of the blue is a testament to the success of Iran's ability to keep its activities quiet.


As Iran prepares the region for its "Islamic revolution," its regional arm, Hizbullah, kidnapped Israeli soldiers, and has also taken hostage hundreds of thousands of Lebanese civilians - human shields being held against their will.


One of Hizbullah's most powerful weapons is the use of human shields. By hiding its soldiers and armaments among civilians in Lebanon, the organization can slow down the Israeli response and manipulate world opinion.


Reports from Lebanon that gun battles have broken out between southern Lebanese villagers trying to leave their villages, and Hizbullah gunmen who have trapped them with roadblocks, are therefore unsurprising.


Threat to global security


The Israeli people know that they are fighting a war against an irrational and belligerent Islamist alliance bent on destroying them and wreaking havoc in the world. Israel will never tolerate a cross-border attack on its sovereignty after withdrawing to its internationally recognized borders.


If the world is interested in peace, stability, and the right of the Israeli people to live safely, not to mention Lebanon's viablity as a sovereign nation-state, it should offer Israel unconditional support in its struggle against Hizbullah, and take a clear stand against Hassan Nasrallah's puppet masters in Tehran.


If, on the other hand, world leaders and the foreign media prefer to be duped by Hizbullah's dirty tactics, and condemn Israel for its war of self-defense, they will be aiding a growing and serious threat to global security, which other nations will also have to face not much further down the road.


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