Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora
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Lebanon: We'll sue Israel for damages

Prime Minister says Lebanon will demand billions of dollars in damages to airport, roads, hospitals and factories

Lebanese Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, said last weekend that Lebanon will demand compensation from Israel "through all available channels." Siniora said that Lebanon will do everything it can to ensure that Israel pays for the damaging and fatal attacks that have "torn the country to shreds."


A spokesman for the Lebanese government told the Guardian Friday: "We know that the cost of damages is in the billions, but it's difficult to assess precisely, because we don't have access to many locations." According to Lebanese government sources, IAF attacks removed the Beirut airport from commission and hit two smaller airports, as well as damaging all civilian and military radar systems.


The air strikes also hit three ports and damaged the lighthouse in Beirut. Gas stations and electricity facilities were destroyed, causing energy shortages. 38 roads were hard hit and 55 bridges were demolished. Two hospitals were damaged by the attacks, as well as a warehouse for medical supplies.


A number of warehouses were damaged or destroyed as a result of the attacks, one of them the largest milk factory in the country. A Proctor and Gamble warehouse, for food and cleaning supplies, was also damaged. Additionally, in one of the attacks last week, trucks containing medicine, oil, sugar and rice were hit.


The 'Guardian' reported that the Lebanese government had anticipated the arrival of more than 1.2 million tourists in the summer season. According to government sources, these tourists would have provided 1.3 to 1.6 billion dollars in revenue. Additionally, the Lebanese stock market closed Monday after a 14% drop, and banks restricted citizens from withdrawing more than 1,000 dollars, out of fear of a financial crisis.


It was reported last week that lawyers Yehudah Talmon, Yoram Dantziger and Nitzah Libai were preparing a symbolic lawsuit to be presented in the US against the Lebanese government demanding compensation for Israeli businesses and citizens suffering from war damages.


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