RPV: customers ask why they haven't detected launchers

Defense industries concerned over transaction cancellations

Since Hizbullah hit navy gunboat, security industries flooded with requests for explanations from overseas customers who are considering canceling transactions. Source in security industries: Majority of failures derived from lack of knowledge on part of factories – but difficult to explain that army simply didn't activate system

The defense industries are worried about IDF's latest failures to activate early-warning systems in the war against Hizbullah in the north of the country. "This is likely to hurt our sales abroad," said a senior official from the defense industries Tuesday.


Since a Hizbullah missile hit an IAF gunboat in the first week of fighting, the defense industries have been flooded with petitions from international clients demanding explanations about monitoring and control systems said to prevent friendly fire incidents and about various munitions.


"Throughout the years, we have explained to our clients that our systems are the best in the world. But along comes a war and some of the systems simply aren't bringing the goods. It's difficult to explain that the navy simply didn't activate the systems," noted the senior official.


'I can't say due to security considerations'


According to him, some of the mishaps were caused by incorrect operation of the systems. In the meantime, security industries are saying that all the incidents will be checked thoroughly. However, one source said Tuesday that at a certain point there will be no escaping pointing at certain problems being cause by a lack of know-how on the part of the factories.


Some of the questions of overseas clients were in reference to systems already in operational use by armies around the world. For instance, appeals were received by at least one fleet that is operating the Barak missile system on Saar-5 multi-mission corvettes of the navy.


Additional questions were received about RPV (remote-piloted vehicle) drones manufactured in Israel. "They asked why the RPVs aren't detecting the Katyusha launchers," said someone in the industry.


Also advanced attack systems found on combat planes such as the F-16 were a subject of questions. "They wanted to know if we have used to systems. I was comfortable saying in a few instances that I don't know, or that I can't say due to security considerations," said the same man. Questions have also referred to defense: "The hit on the tank on the first day of fighting brought up many questions. I'm not sure that the issue stops here," he summed up.


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