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Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
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Lebanese PM in tears: Help us

During his speech before Arab foreign ministers, Siniora breaks into tears twice, calls on fellow countries to help Lebanon. 'Israeli army has left no bridge standing, bombarded hospitals and UN posts, all for the sake of revenge,' PM says

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora broke into tears twice Monday afternoon during his address to Arab foreign ministers in Beirut. Siniora started crying when he spoke about the killed in Lebanon: " We know that we are not the only ones facing this catastrophe, as our brothers in Palestine and Iraq are also suffering under the occupation."


He then turned to the Arab countries for help, and broke into tears once again: "Our 'Arabness' is unconditional. Your support is your duty and responsibility," he stated.


Siniora's address was met with a warm round of applause.


"The Arab future is one future. I'm sure we will all stay united. We need help with construction, economic aid. We need political and diplomatic assistance so that these actions are not repeated," he said.


"We need help in putting an end to this aggression and in enforcing the Lebanese sovereignty all across our territory. We want to salvage the common life in Lebanon. You and us are facing a difficult test by the international community," Siniora declared.


'Holocaust in Lebanon'


"This is the 26th day of the Lebanese holocaust. Israel is committing state terror," he stated, stressing that Lebanon's aim was to reach an immediate ceasefire based on the "Seven Points Plan."


"We need to consolidate a unified Arab stance and push for a different Security Council resolution," he said.


Siniora spoke about the villages and towns hit by Israel air strikes, and mentioned the destruction of infrastructure and "the killing of some 1000 civilians, a third of them under the age of 12. A million people displaced."


"A terrible massacre took place at the village of Houla where more than 40 people were killed as a result of an Israeli bombardment," the PM declared.


Livni: Hizbullah represent Iran's interests


Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni met with Jewish leader from all over the world and said that "Hizbullah doesn't represent Lebanese issues but Iranian interests."


About the link between Hizbullah and the Palestinian problem she said: "Hizbullah wants to dictate the agenda with the Palestinians and by doing so to prevent any chances for a peace deal."


"These days," Livni said, "are very very difficult for Israeli citizens especially for those living in the north. Israel is at war, engaged in difficult fights in Lebanon and it home front is sustaining hard hits. Israel has the military power and the determination of its citizens as a weapon in this war."


"Hizbullah directs its weapons at populated centers, at hospitals and kindergartens because this is the group's essence while Israel is trying to hit those same terrorists, the same soldiers of this group and tries not to hurt innocent civilians."


Livni added: "The whole world understands that justice is on Israel's side but we need to differentiate between international understanding and international interests and the deep understanding of the Israeli people: the essence of this war. The whole world knows Israel was attacked for no obvious provocation."


Aviram Zino contributed to this report


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