Instructed a group of German theologists to rewrite Bible. Hitler
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Hitler's attempt to rewrite Bible

German newspaper reveals Hitler's attempt to erase the Jews from the Bible: Jesus wasn't Jewish; 10 Commandments became 12 Commandments, with additions such as 'respect, thy Fuehrer'

Adolf Hitler's deranged racist hatred against the Jews had no boundaries. In his war against the Jews Hitler instructed a group of German theologians to rewrite the Bible and the New Testament, in a bid to remove all mention of the Jews.


The German newspaper, Bilt Zeitung has revealed that in 1939 a group of Protestant theologians, loyal to the Nazi regime, established an institution for the "cleansing of Judaism from Christianity."


The institution's official purpose was to cleanse the Protestant Church of all ceremonies with non-Aryan influences, and to compile alternative scriptures derived from the Nazi ideology and spirit of the Church.


Church staff worked incessantly, conducting comprehensive surveys and publishing a large number of documents that imbued Christianity with Nazi commentary.


One of these publications, the German Book of Faith, included the rewriting of the 10 commandments in the spirit of Nazi ethics, and also added two more commandments:


'Eternal Jewish enemy'


Respect God and depend on him entirely; maintain silence before God; refrain from any form of hypocrisy; hold sacred thy body and life; hold sacred goodness and respect; hold sacred truth and loyalty; honor thy mother and thy father; help thy children and become a role model; maintain purity of blood and sanctity of marriage; much wisdom; always be prepared to help and forgive; respect thy Fuhrer; serve in joy thy people through labor and sacrifice – this is what God demands of us."


Needless to say, the heads of the Nazi regime didn't bother to abide by any of these commandments. Hitler himself despised Christianity and deported several of the Churches' leaders to concentration camps.


Another book compiled by the Nazi regime was The Institute for the Purification of Christianity, a new prayer book for Christians. Any mention of Hebrew words such as Hallelujah were carefully deleted from the book. Mention of Jerusalem was replaced with the words "Eternity – the Divine city of light."


The publications were intended to serve the war against the "eternal Jewish enemy." One of the scriptures, published in 1940, stated that Jesus could become sacred to the German people, only if he was not perceived as the founder of Judaism, but rather as a sworn enemy of the Jews.


To achieve this goal, the heads of the institute were forced to invent new roots for him. One of the Nazi researchers determined that Jesus' family came from the Kavkaz Mountains, and was therefore, not Jewish.


The majority of these scriptures disappeared after World War II, or were transferred to various archives. The newspaper revealed the essence of the documents collected in recent years. 


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