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Total resolve, not pacifying terrorists

God Almighty gave Israel to the Jewish people through his covenant with Abraham. If Israel fails to adhere to God’s word, it will become another America, bogged in another Vietnam

All international attempts to solve the problem between Israel and radical Islam by diplomatic means have proven futile. And it remains certain that a peaceful resolution of this struggle will never, ever, be achieved by man.


No nationality on the face of the earth can lay claim to the land of Israel, because it belongs to God Almighty, the God of the Bible - and he, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, gave it to the Jewish people through his covenant with Abraham.


God entrusted the land to Israel as part of His covenant decision to redeem the world through Abraham and the Jewish people. Thus my stand with Israel and her right to the land flows out of a love and concern for all nations.


No prophet, preacher, evangelist or theologian can overrule that eternal covenant. It has been proven without a shadow of a doubt throughout the ages that, eventually, destruction comes to any individual, organization or country that comes against this Holy Land and its rightful owners.


There is only one word that matters, and that is the word of the living, Holy God. His word will prevail when everything else has failed. Despite many generations of people who have manipulated themselves into religious positions and then twisted that Word, God's truth will stand - now, and forever.


God laughs at the nations


World leaders repeatedly attempt to capture the hearts of barbarians bent on altering God’s word and claiming ownership of a land that does not belong to them. But Israel need not put her fate in the hands of the international community. The calloused attitude of the United Nations, most of Europe and the Middle East will not prevail against God's divine order. He laughs at the nations in their attempts to alter the ownership of the Land of Israel.


Israel must continue to pursue a course that will probably not be embraced by the global community - which has been reticent to face the real culprit behind terrorism: radical Islam. The world has chosen to turn a deaf ear to continued declarations by terrorist organizations that their goal is to annihilate Israel. A lack of resolve on Israel's part to respond with force will be viewed by terrorists as encouragement to continue their uncivilized aggression against a civilized nation.


Until recently, the international community has been successful in seducing Israel into believing that it has to trade land for peace. Israel still carries the Name of Almighty God, and will one day welcome the promised Messiah to this land. But if Israel fails to adhere to God’s word, it will become another America, bogged in another Vietnam, having to retreat in shame because of a lack of total commitment to eradicate the enemy.


By seeking to please the international community, Israel has sadly placed itself in a vulnerable position and suffered much unnecessary loss and tragedy. While the international community as a whole has been oblivious to this suffering, it has been fully comprehended by many, especially Israel’s brothers and sisters in the evangelical Christian community who have been supporting Israel through prayer and economic assistance.


Olmert's mission


Ehud Olmert, the man God has placed in office to lead His people, can become another David… or another Saul. His obedience to the word of God to stand boldly against the enemy will determine the fate of the Jewish people for years to come.


For the moment, God has put the power into Olmert's hands to spark a tsunami of support from the millions of Bible-believing Christians around the world to stand with Israel; a people strong enough in America to elect a president.


These Bible-believing Christians are totally committed to the preservation of Israel and her people. Their prayer is that Israel will pursue a course of strength rather than weakness, and not negotiate away more land with people whose end goal is not peace but rather the destruction of Israel and her people.


Just as a shepherd boy answered the call of God to go against Goliath, let us pray that Olmert will wisely use the most effective tools of battle to eliminate an evil cancer that is growing not only in the Middle East but throughout the world.


Reality dictates that Israel must move forward and once again put her trust in an Almighty God, Who for over 100 years now has been restoring the people of Israel to their ancient homeland in faithfulness to His covenant promises to Abraham. Israel can only survive through faith in the Almighty and a total commitment to eradicate the evil of terrorism. With this two-pronged focus, Israel will emerge the victor.


Earl Cox served in senior-level positions with four US presidents. He is not a preacher, evangelist or learned theologian. He holds no position in the religious world, but was called out six years ago to stand with the nation of Israel. He is now an international Christian broadcaster


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