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Gays, like Jews, are the chosen people
Porn star Michael Lucas responds to readers, who were disgusted by his gay porn donation to IDF combat troops

I was both hurt and surprised by some blogs and comments made in reaction to my upcoming Israel show. Yes, I did take time to read them. The opinion of my people is very important to me.


I did not care about any of the hatred filled comments from Arab or Muslim men. But the hateful comments from Jews were profoundly depressing. We Jews were persecuted, killed and hated for thousands of years. All of our rights were always taken away and we were always considered second class citizens. I can't believe that some of us can be so intolerant, especially to gay people.


Jewish people and gays were pushed into gas chambers together during the Holocaust. How can we be so disrespectful to thousands of homosexuals, many of whom died in the Second World War, many of them fighting Nazis, with many still dying defending Israel?


Contrary to the opinions I've been reading, the Israel that I know and love is a democratic, free, fun-loving society, seen as a blemish in the eyes of Arab nations. I am sure these countries would like to destroy Israel for its tolerance and open-mindedness.


Did you ever think how many parallels can be drawn between gays and Jews? This letter would be way too long if I even started to list. But for one, we were both persecuted and hated throughout centuries, and we both gave the world the biggest artists, scientists, writers, actors, musicians. So maybe we both are chosen people.


There is a big enemy Israel is facing and the enemy is Islam, not homosexuals. Do not confuse the two.


I make them happy

Look, I am one of you, my gentle readers. I have experienced a great deal of anti-Semitism growing up in Soviet Russia. Like all Jews, I had a paragraph in my passport which read "Jewish". People called it "5th paragraph".


Russians never gave me the opportunity to be one of them. Israel is my country as much as it is yours. To come to Israel is my birthright.


Yes, I produce gay porn. But for the most part, I am just like you, proud to be Jewish, love my family, proud of Israel, and was glued to TV for the past month, worried for my people.


The fact is, lots of people love and need porn. I do not harm anyone, I make them happy.


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