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Moshe Yaalon
Photo: Tzvika Tishler

Yaalon: I expect resignations without committee

In interview to Arab network al-Hura, former chief of staff calls on others 'to take responsibility and resign' in light of failures of Lebanon war

Critics of the government and army's management of the Lebanon war received significant backing in the form of the former chief of staff.


"There is a failure here of war management by the political leadership and the military leadership, and that's where the issue should be focused," said Lieutenant General Moshe Yaalon in an interview to Arab news network al-Hura.


"Certainly, questions arise here, on the basis of some of which I would expect people to take a personal decision to resign, without the need of setting up a committee, in light of what looks like a failed management of the war. Those responsible need at the end of the day to take responsibility and resign, and if not – then a democratic maneuver to bring about a change," said Yaalon.


"We knew how Hizbullah prepared in the south and how it was planning to defend if we went in. I was not surprised by anything, therefore this myth that we didn't know is simply not true," Yaalon said.


Yaalon dedicated a special criticism to the silk gloves used by Israel to deal with Damascus: "Assad gave them the 220 millimeter and 302 millimeter rockets, what are known as Khaibar, striking Haifa and Afula. And we in such a situation are calming Assad instead of threatening him or even striking him? It's a good question."


The former chief of staff speculated that eventually an official commission of inquiry would arise in Israel: "Leaders today don't have anything to hide, they don't have to be worried by a State commission. The commission ensures a really thorough check. If there won't be a state commission, in the democratic system, one of the great advantages is that citizens have the ability to express their opinion democratically."


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