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Can he be wrong?
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Can the pope be wrong?
Somebody should remind pope the fable of 'The Emperor's New Clothes', explain to him, that nudism is unbecoming for a pope
Did you ever wonder why negative opinions, speeches and publications are generally a nucleus for gigantic political unrest, while positive opinions, speeches and publications are forgotten immediately, even before the ink has completely dried?


The lecture of the pope in Germany contained many positive aspects, but attacked the Muslim faith negatively. Less than one percent of the entire speech was negative, but only that small part was recorded by the media.


The reason is that negative proclamations won't evaporate in thin air, is because they are heavier than air, thus when set free in open air, they remain near ground level and suffocate (occupy space of positive thoughts) until finally a strong wind or long period of mixing them with positive ideas will thin them sufficiently to enable them to disappear.


It would have been different had the pope reminded us that all three main Monotheist religions have used the same cursed sword policy in order to spread their religion and ensure their continuity. However, today we believe in a more humanistic approach, whereby a human being remains a human being, even when he believes that his God has a different name and is prayed to in a different ritual.


Apology won't do

An apology of the pope won't help to calm down the Muslim rioters; as such a positive act will evaporate immediately, while his historical correct but negative remarks will remain as long it serves the Islam-phobic ideology of the radical Muslims worldwide.


But due to the fact that the pope can not openly apologize and admit he made a mistake, as popes are infallible and do not make mistakes, we don't have to worry if his apologies will be accepted. Only a pity that this certainly will cause riots, killing and burning of innocent bystanders, as negative thoughts are extremely explosive and provide fuel for riot flames.


I wonder if the Holy Father (still relatively new at his job) realizes that his inflammatory remarks were the sparks required to rekindle the offensive of Islam radicalism in Europe.


I realize that the pope does not make mistakes and his wisdom is unquestionable superior to that of an ordinary world citizen, like myself, but even so, what ever clever reason he had to make these remarks, I think that somebody should repeat to him the fable of "The Emperor's New Clothes" and explain to him, that nudism is unbecoming for a Pope.


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