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Iranian official: US, Zionist assault spells defeat

Islamic Revolution Guards head says, ‘If Americans and Zionists want to try their luck in Iran, they will experience a larger defeat than in Iraq’

According to Iranian news agencies, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi addressed the possibility of an attack on Iran and said, “If Americans and Zionists want to try their luck in Iran, they will experience a larger defeat than in Iraq.”


Safavi added during a memorial service held at his headquarters: “We are obligated to our fallen to maintain the readiness and deal a powerful blow on the enemies in case of an attack.


“The Basij (branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the Revolutionary Guards are so strong they will not allow the enemy to even think of launching an operation against Iran,” he said.


“The blood of our shahids will bring about not only the liberation of Jerusalem and Karbala (Iraq) but the liberation of all mankind from the evil powers of the world; the blood of our shahids boiled the blood of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, and they will overcome the evil Americans and Israel.”


Safavi’s comments were made amid growing fears of an American attack in case Iran resists the sanctions expected to be imposed against the country.


In addition, senior Iranian officials have traditionally intensified their rhetoric against and the United States during the Ramadan holiday and ahead of Jerusalem Day, which was established by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who led the Islamic revolution in Iran.


'We can use satellites to present US crimes'

During this holiday, which takes place on the last Friday of Ramadan, mass processions are expected to be held throughout Iran and the Muslim world in support of the Palestinian nation.


On the diplomatic front, Mustafa Muslah-Zada, a senior advisor to the Iranian foreign minister suggested a different way to resolve the crisis surrounding the country’s nuclear program.


“We can work to form a bloc of non-governmental organizations worldwide to fight nuclear armament,” he proposed. He even suggested organizing international conventions during which mock trials would be held for countries that produce nuclear and chemical weapons.


“We can use satellites, the internet, magazines and propaganda films to present the crimes committed by the US,” Muslah-Zada said. “In this way we can expose the despicableness of the US in the nuclear field so America and Israel will not be able to make any complaints on the matter.”


In an interview with the FARS news agency, Muslah-Zada also discussed what is referred to in Iran as the “injustice” of the international system.


“We must try to change this unbalanced atmosphere through diplomacy,” he said, adding that this ‘injustice’ breeds double standards. 


“If they are American, European or Israeli – then it is forbidden to launch a military attack against them, but if they are Iraqi, Palestinian, Lebanese, Iranian or Afghan – then there is no problem killing thousands of them.  


“If hundreds of thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian buildings are attacked there is no problem – but if two buildings in the US collapse (World Trade Center), then the American planes have a right to arrest anyone without a trial anywhere in the world and attack any country in direct violation of international law,” Muslah-Zada said.


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