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Gay Pride in Jerusalem

Gay parade, haredim and forced holiness

Why are the ultra-orthodox allowed to dress and act funny, but gays aren't?

I decided that I am not going to write about the confrontation caused by the planned gay parade in Jerusalem, and the protests of the Haredim (zealots). There are many reasons for not getting involved in such stupid argument, which shows intolerance by all parties involved.


I only wonder why we need this stupid farce. There is no holy obligation by the gays (partly dressed) to parade through the streets of Jerusalem, this will not help their cause for equal rights or recognition, nor will it reduce the intolerance of those religious zealots, who decided to defend us from people acting in contrary to the word of God.


When a confused youth, who realizes in his young adolescence, that he or she prefers his (her) own gender (realizing that he or she is homosexual inclined), at that moment, need to decide one of the two alternatives.


Or he (she) gives in to his (her) feelings and becomes a social and specially religious outcast, or tries to subdue his (her) feelings, and lives the rest of his (her) life in denial, with horrible consequences in friendship and family life, not to mention, emotional life and right for happiness.


Their dresses are not different

On the other side, we have those hypocrites, using the scriptures, special the Sodom and Gomorrah chapter, to justify their intolerance against people who believe to live a life different to theirs.


Isn't their manner of provocative dress (dressed in Polish 16th century's clothes) just as insulting to the logical sense of people living in the 21st century, in a damp and warm Mediterranean climate, and forcing their kids to dress and suffer, likewise. Why are they allowed to dress and act funny, and gays aren't? Where is it written that the Polish shtettle dress is the dress God provided for Jews in Israel?


But admittedly, I don't see any purpose for this Gay parade, for this celebration of Gay-dom. We Heterosexuals do not parade our sex habits in public, we do not demonstrate, what we do in privacy, and indeed, I couldn't care less what or how, others seek satisfaction, provided that all participants agree on the act.


Why do Gays have to walk in a parade in provocative manner? Is sex-life a philosophy, a life style to join? I don't think it is, never heard of a heterosexual becoming gay out of believe, other than a natural drive, if he has it in his genes.


Again, the Gays parading their sexual preferences, have the right (and police permission) in doing so, and should be allowed to do it without being molested by zealots, who decided that Jerusalem is the holy city, and a Gay parade is against God. Jerusalem might be a city holy for all religions, but that does not make the houses, streets or people living in Jerusalem, holy, nor gives it a right for anyone to act in God's name against Gay parades.


True, re-production appears to be God's or nature's purpose for life, but that does not mean that those created different, have no right to live. I hope I explained clearly, why I will not put my big feet in this stupid and immortal senseless argument. 


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