Photo: Effie Shrir
Photo: Effie Shrir
Pride. Abomination
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Protest: Gays acting like beasts

Right-wing and religious activists submit request to march with dozens of cows, donkeys and horses on same route where gay pride parade will be held, while citing Psalms and asking for atonement. 'We want to parade beasts because these people's acts are beastly,' explains Yesha Council representative

Cows, horses and donkeys are expected to march in Jerusalem next week, as part of a protest move planned by right-wing activists in response to the upcoming gay pride parade.


The beast parade will be combined with a mass prayer, which will include citing Psalms and asking for atonement in an aim "to explain to God that the desecration of Jerusalem is being protested."


Requests to hold the unusual parades have already been submitted to the police, which are examining it.



The gay pride parade is expected to take place in Jerusalem next week, and tensions in the city are high. Ynet has learned that in a meeting held in the capital on Monday by representatives of religious and right-wing groups, it was decided to ask to hold two demonstrations.


In a demonstration which will be held a day before the gay pride parade, right-wing activists seek to parade animals on the same route where the gay parade is to be held, with hundreds of their supporters accompanying them.


Simultaneously, right-wing activists are preparing to hold a parade which will in fact be a mass prayer, in which there will be separation between men and women. The participants plan to cite Psalms, ask for atonement and pray Mincha (the afternoon prayer).


Ohad Bart, the representative of the Yesha Council's religious education institutions, told Ynet: "We want to hold a parade of beasts because these people's acts are beastly."


According to Bart, there is no intention to confront the marchers but to do things in an organized way.

"We want to explain to God that we are protesting the desecration of Jerusalem. It's a disgrace," said Bart.


He added that "when they put a head's pig at the Temple Mount, the entire world went wild. And when they bring this abomination to the streets of the holy city, it is our duty to protest and call out and bless God's name."


According to Bart, former Chief Rabbis Mordechai Eliyahu and Avraham Shapira were also approached and asked to take part in the mass prayer. Bart also said that there were plans to ask Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to take part in the prayer.


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