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Tair Rada. 'Like a sister'
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Students trying to cope with shock
Photo: Avihu Shapira

Golan: Teenage girl murdered, police question students

Students of Katzrin school return to murder scene shocked. Police detain man suspected of possible connection to gruesome murder. Student says, 'Katzrin is a small place, we feel we've lost a friend as close as a sister'

Students of the Nofei Golan High School in the northern town of Katzrin returned to the scene of fellow student Tair Rada's murder Thursday morning and found it hard to come to grips with Wednesday's gruesome events.


The educational institution they arrive at each day for classes had become a murder scene crawling with police and investigators, and the difficult atmosphere was apparent.


Throughout Thursday morning's investigation, a man was detained by the Golan police to determine whether he was connected to the murder or not. In the meantime, Rada would be buried later in the afternoon.


"This is a particularly difficult morning for us," said Yossi, a student at the school. "You see the red eyes of all your friends and realize the magnitude of the loss. This is a school where everyone knows everyone. Katzrin is a small place and it feels like we've all lost a friend as close as a sister."


Trying to comprehend crime  

The bathroom in which Rada's body was found remained locked Thursday morning, but most students arriving at school stayed close by, crying, hugging, and seeking comfort.


The school's faculty - with the help of psychologists and educational personnel – attempted to support the students by dedicating the school day to discussions in an effort to grasp and comprehend the crime.


Aside from Police tape, the only thing attesting to the horror of Wednesday's murder was the faces of Rada's fellow students. Investigators questioned both students and faculty in hopes of uncovering a lead as to what happened during Rada's final hours.


Police searched the area until the early morning hours looking for clues to help them find the person responsible. One of the investigations main leads was regarding teenage violence, however, other leads were also being looked into.


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