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Iranian President Ahmadinejad
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The illusionist from Tehran

Instead of condemning Holocaust denial conference, world should ignore it

The illusionist from Tehran is set to convene his "scientific conference" this week to probe the issue of the Holocaust. The conference was scheduled last year and Ahmadinejad has announced it several times since then. In so doing, Ahmadinejad has gone a step further in his ridiculous arguments that contradict all known facts pertaining to the Holocaust of European Jews. 


The arguments of this dangerous man are somewhat surprising even among veteran "professional" Holocaust deniers, but nonetheless they all rushed to Tehran to partake in the said "scientific conference" where they will discuss among other things, whether the Germans did in fact use gas to exterminate the Jews at the concentration camps. 


The fact that the producers of the Zyklon B gas stood trial years ago, didn't deny using it, and went even further by "explaining" that it was a more "humane" method, has not convinced the Iranian and the dozens of other dangerous illusionists who are flocking to Tehran for his conference.


It appears that they either didn't read, or don't remember reading the words written by three year veteran Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolph Hoess, the man who devised the use of gas as an extermination method and who also boasted about it in the book he wrote while incarcerated in the Polish prison while awaiting his trial (Hoess was hanged in Auschwitz in 1947.)


'Objective researchers' 

According to reports, some 67 "researchers" are set to arrive in Tehran from 30 countries. The majority are naturally from Arab and Muslim countries, and they, it is well known, are great experts on the Holocaust issue. They are all of course "objective researchers."


It is true that "experts" from half a dozen European countries will also attend the conference; however, Ahmadinejad surely regrets that the greatest British Holocaust denier, historian David Irving, will not be attending. Irving is simply sitting out a jail sentence in an Austrian jail, after he was sentenced this year to three years imprisonment for denial of the Holocaust.


Jewish organizations worldwide, as well as European government spokespersons, are protesting against this bizarre conference, and this in my view is a serious mistake. The actual response and protest against an encounter between a few daydreamers, by these organizations and persons, are in fact helping the psychopath from Tehran and the "researchers" in their dubious mission.


It would be better to keep mum about them and their "scientific conference." These 67 "peculiar" people will convene with the illusionist who invited them to Tehran by their own volition. They will inevitably publish their "conclusions," they will not, however, be able to alter history or facts.


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