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Christians plan 'night to honor Israel'

Evangelicals in US and other nations will hold mass events to 'thank the Jewish people,' Jerusalem Knesset Caucus told

A leading Evangelical US pastor has announced plans to hold a "night to honor Israel " in every major American city as part of an Evangelical political campaign.


Pastor John Hagee, a Christian leader from Texas, was given an award by the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus during a ceremony jointly held with the World Jewish Congress Monday night, to "honor our Christian allies."


Addressing the conference by a satellite-linked screen, Hagee delivered an emphatic speech, declaring: "It's time for us Christians in America , from coast to coast, to speak up for Israel."


He added that his organization aimed to hold "every congressman and senator accountable for their position on Israel."


"It's important for Christians to reach out to the Jewish people. For the first time in the history of America, the spiritual leaders of America are looking up rabbis and saying: 'We want to thank you,'" Hagee declared.


The pastor announced his plans for "a night to honor Israel in every major American city," adding: "Why is this happening? Some of you are secular Jews, this may be hard for you… This is happening by God. God almighty recognized that the integrity of his word was on the line."


Hagee noted that his organization could provide information to tens of millions of Americans.


'Don't give land away'

 He also warned that "the continual giving of land to enemies is contrary to what the bible teaches and contrary to the security of Israel."


Reacting to Hagee's speech, Knesset Member Elhanan Glazer, of the Pensioner's Party, told Ynetnews: "I hope he understands that as difficult as it is, we must give up land, with a heavy heart, to the Palestinians. Life is more important than land."


Throughout the meeting, the delegates exchanged warm words, describing one another as members of a common Judeo-Christian "family" and civilization.


Knesset Member Benny Elon told the conference that the meaning of Hanukah was to warn Jews against assimilating to foreign cultures, while Purim warned of the physical danger posed to the Jewish people.


He emphasized that the Caucus was founded on a "real love" between Jews and Christians, and that neither side sought to use the relationship for tactical gains. "I know that there is a sincere and real love of our Christian allies… not as a means to and end… not as part of a plan - 'I love you and then you'll be converted ' - but real love."


Elon added that the new alliance with Evangelicals was prophesized in the Torah, citing a prediction of support for Israel by other nations following the "return of the people of Israel to Zion."


'Expel the darkness'

During the meeting, a Hanukah menorah was lit, and several references were made linking the holiday to contemporary issues.


Moshe Leshem, a reserve colonel and former anti-disengagement activist, told the Caucus meeting that "since Judah the Macabee, the Jewish people have been surrounded by hatred."


"Today, we are once again facing a very big trap… countries like Iran threaten to wipe us out from under the sun. And you know as Christians, they will kill us on Saturday but they will try to kill you on Sunday," Leshem warned, adding: "We must unite to expel the darkness."


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